Particle Theory

By Petras Verseckas

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Particles are made out of atoms, just like everything else is. Particles are tiny pieces that everything is made of.


Watch this video to find out more about states of matter.
MinecraftEdu Class - Solids, Liquids and Gases
If you heat up any of the three states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) you will find that when they are heated they expand and when you cool it down it will contract.
Solids have a fixed shape but gases and liquids can flow.

If gas particles hit the side of their container then that causes pressure, if the solid container that they are bashing into sides of, is elastic then it will stretch. For example, if you fill a balloon with a gas (maybe helium) then the particles will bang into the walls with a big enough force then the balloon will expand, and eventually might pop.
The particle size never changes it's only the space around them that does. For example, if you have a liquid - water the particles have a lot of space to move around. If the container is made smaller then the particles can not move about because they are in a smaller space and there is no room to move around.

Changing states of matter

If you took water which is a liquid took away some energy it would torn into a solid (ice) then if you would fry the ice you would get water vapour which is a gas.


Diffusion is the process when particles mix with other particles. The particles move around randomly. For example: if someone sprays perfume on one side of the room then the person at the other end of the room will also eventually smell the perfume. Why is that - well, the particles in the gas (in this case air) are not restricted to one particular area they can move around where they want to. There is no "umph" (Ms Tolba quote) needed to do so, it happens whether you like it or not.


Plasma is something that is not commonly found on earth. Plasma is when atoms start moving and become a liquid. When they move move with more energy - faster. When the electrons separate from nuclei and the matter becomes plasma.

Particle Theory

This is only a theory about particles. For now it fits all of our discoveries, but if there will be something that does not fit into the categories that we know then the theory might start to be questionable.

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