The Treasure Map

February 11 - February 15

The Week in Preview

Monday, February 11

  • 2:45 First grade PLC
  • 2:45 Third grade PLC
  • 2:45 Fourth grade PLC
  • MAP testing open through Feb. 22
  • Liz to meet with grade levels 3-5

Tuesday, February 12

  • 4:00 Karen's WU class meets here
  • 8:00 Rhonda to CPI training
  • 2:45 faculty meeting- topic Math TEam update and Cassie Cagle to discuss special education initiatives

Wednesday, February 13

  • 7:30 Crystal and Rhonda to conduct an iRock Student Critique Team meeting-more information to come on students chosen to be part of this group
  • 11:30 Literacy Team Meeting
  • 2:45 Second grade PLC
  • 8:10 and 2:45 Fifth grade PLC
  • 9:00-3:00. Guyton and Austin School Fitness or Nature Trail Workshop

Thursday, February 14

  • Happy Valentine's Day!
  • Happy Birthday, Marian Taylor!

Friday, February 15

  • Terrific Kid write ups due
  • 9:30 Cavity Clown for those that signed up K, 1, 2, and Howe

PLC Focus

Items for Discussion in your PLC. Please provide your feedback on these topics to administration after your grade level PLC.

  • It has been brought to our attention that parents would like students to be recognized for their accomplishments here at IHES. What are your grade level thoughts on this topic? What would this recognition look like? How often would we recognize students? What would we recognize students for? What would these incentives look like-certificates, pens, charms, etc.?
  • There is a new typing program in the computer lab. It is a program the district has had for years but had never been installed at IHES. Students log in using the last five digits of their student ID as username and password. How might your grade level implement using a program such as this in the computer lab? How would this support common core standards at your grade level? What information does your grade level need in order to feel ready to use this software? Is your grade level interested in using this software?

The Pirate Way

  • Details about the SC Book Award celebration will come shortly.
  • Griffin Survivor iPad cases are still available for $30 through the PTA.
  • Stop by the office to sign your recommendation form for employment next year.
  • Remember to place pictures in the R drive for the yearbook.
  • Merri Anna will be put of the building attending mentor training Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. She also has a 1/2 day on Friday for professional development. She will send details regarding library usage for those days.
  • ELDA testing begins February 19th. This testing is for ESOL students please see the letter below from the district office regarding this testing.
  • Just FYI: If there is a behavior problem that occurs during related arts, the related arts teachers will notify the teachers of any significant behavior concerns, but will handle any discipline problems in their classrooms. In addition, if classroom teachers needs support with discipline or talking/meeting with parents regarding discipline, please let them know! They have indicated they are more than happy to help!

Guidance News

The character trait of the month is FAIRNESS. Be sure to emphasize this in class and choose a student that best represents this trait.

Mrs. McCoy will teach the students that fairness means being objective and trying to understand how others think and feel. Everyone is unique and we should be tolerant of those who are different. Being fair also means following and abiding by all the rules.

K, 1, and 2 Names are due Feb. 27

3,4, and 5 names are due feb. 25

Happy Birthday!

Shout Outs


Mrs. Taylor, your India Hook family wants you to know how proud we are of your journey to become an American citizen! You are almost there! You are such an asset to our school family. Your talents and love for students is evident in the way in which you serve teachers, students, and families!

Thought for the Week

Recognize that a collaborative culture will not be created by a chance, or even by must embed collaborative processes into the routine practices of the school.