West H.S. Special Education Dept.

Weekly Update, November 16, 2015

National Center for UDL Director David Rose walks us through the UDL Guidelines, a detailed framework of principles, guidelines, and checkpoints for creating curriculum that supports all learners.
The UDL Guidelines

UDL Resources

National Center for UDL

UDL is the creation and implementation of teaching materials and methods to reduce barriers in the learning environment. UDL is based on three principles:

  1. Representation
  2. Engagement
  3. Action and Expression

Click on the link below, and you will find examples and resources to use in your classroom that illustrate each of the UDL principles. All resources are FREE!

Professional Development Opportunities

Tuesday, Dec. 15th, 4-5:30pm

737 East Hudson Street

Columbus, OH

Choose between one of these fantastic PD opportunities!

1. Co-Teaching 101

Learn the basic components of co-teaching including teacher roles and responsibilities. This opportunity is lead by Dr. Alecia Russell and will be held at Hudson Distribution Center in the Paul Lindquist room.

2. Co-Teaching 102

Learn how to maximize instructional strategies, utilize the expertise of both teachers and increase student engagement in co-teaching classrooms. This opportunity is lead by Dr. Keisha Fletcher Bates and will be held at the Hudson Distribution Center in the Professional Library.

November Special Education Dept. Meeting

Wednesday, Nov. 18th, 2:30-3pm

Room 313

Department Updates

Summary of Special Education Department Chairs Meeting, 11/10/2015

(1) Funds for Special Education Resources

Limited funds are available through the Special Education Department for classroom resources. Please let me know what you need by Friday, November 20th. The request must be submitted departmentally.

** Is anyone interested in requesting a building license for MobyMax.com? A building license would give us access to the IEP Goal Tracking package.

(2) Online Brigance and LRE Determination Tools

Our Special Education Supervisors will meet with sales representatives from Brigance next week in order to learn more about online assessment tools that are available through Brigance. If the district purchases the online component of the Brigance, you will be able to enter your Brigance data in a database that continues with the student throughout their school career. Teachers will be able to access data from previous school years. Each teacher will also receive their own Brigance binders!

** This is not an online assessment, just a database.

The Special Education Department is also purchasing assessment tools that will assist us in determining a student's LRE.

(3) IEP Day for Semester Two

You will receive the IEP Day selection form to schedule your second IEP day in early December.

If you would like to request Ms. Grace for your substitute on your IEP day, you need to list her name and employee ID number on your IEP Day selection form. Her full name is Francine Grace and her employee ID # is 155626.

(4) Alternate Assessments

Debbie Middleton and Ellen Hogue are coordinating Alternate Assessments again this school year. More information on Alternate Assessments is coming soon.

At this point, please identify the students on your Case Management roster that are taking the Alternate Assessment, and make sure that the testing page on their IEP is completed correctly. The test will not be scored if the testing page is not completed correctly!

(5) AIR Assessments

Guidance for special education students will be provided at the Department Chairs meeting next month. Stay tuned!

(6) Upcoming Internal Audit

In December, 60 IEPs will be pulled from elementary, middle, and high schools. At the high school level, the focus will be on IEP Progress Reports. If your IEP is pulled, be prepared to provide your IEP data binder and work samples for the goals and objectives that you are reporting on. It is expected that a copy of the current IEP progress report has been provided to the parent, is in the CUM file, and is also in teacher records/files.

For general education teachers, the focus will be on implementation of UDL in the general education classrooms.

(7) Order of IEPs

IEPs are getting sent to Hudson in every order imaginable. It has been requested that everyone staple their IEPs in the same order.

(1) IEP with signature pages

(2) FBA/BIP (If applicable)

(3) Required forms

(4) EMIS page

West HS Special Education Department