Lamb Of God

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Lamb Of God is an american groove metal band, that was founded in 1990. They were earlier known as burn the priest, but changed their name right after they released their first album.

Vocalist: Randy Blythe

Guitarist 1: Mark Morton

Guitarist 2: Willie Adler

Bassist: John Campbell

Drummer: Chris Adler

They have made 6 studioalbums, 1 livealbum and 3 dvd`s. They have also won a grammy for their album `Sacrament`.

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In 1990 Mark Morton, Chris Adler and John Campbell fonded a band called burn the priest. But Mark Morton left the band early because he had to take his bachelor. Adler and Campbell replaced Morton with Abe Spear. In 1995 the band gave out their first demo, and after the demo they gave out 2 plates with the bands Agents of satan and ZED. After that Randy Blythe joined as a vocalist. In 1997 Morton came back to the band and the next year they gave out their first record called burn the priest. Spear then left the band and a new guitarist joined, Chris Adler`s brother Willie. After being suspended from different places the band switched name to Lamb of God.

Lamb of God- Black Label
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Since 1999, they have made 7 albums:

New american gospel 2000

As the palaces burn 2003

Ashes of the wake 2004

Killadelphia 2005

Sacrament 2006

Wrath 2009

Resolution 2012