Commuter Newsletter

March Edition

!!!!Come Enjoy Our BIGGEST COMMUTER EVENT of the Year!!!!

Taco Extravaganza

Join us for a Free Lunch to show our appreciation for all of you Commuters!
  • Wednesday March 13th
  • 11:00am-2:30pm
  • On the Concordia Commons-the grassy area in front of the Caf
  • Presidents Parking Spot Giveaway!!!

Other Upcoming Events...


(the pretty lady in the middle)
Fun Facts:
  • I really want to learn Spanish
  • I want to go SCUBA diving in Belize
  • I love dogs—my favorite game is Name that Breed—and I dream of the day when I can have one
  • My all-time favorite boyfriend is the one I’ve been married to for a year. Ryan
  • You can find me in the CSLD all day, every day.
  • Title: Director of Community Involvement & Leadership Development