My Time at EIS


4 Things I Will Take Away From EIS 2012.

1. How to use craft knowledge.

2. How to use a variety of tech tools on the internet.

3. I have learned how important teaching vocabulary is (and how to correctly teach it).

4. I have learned various ways to engage students, mentally and physically.

Ways I will use my EIS training:

2 Tips: Keep giving candy and keep physically engaging the class!

One incident that surprised me most during my first semester...

Is how easy it is to incorporate craft knowledge. To tell you the truth, I was actually scared when I walked into this course. It was (almost) all new to me. (Duh, I'm a first year teacher.) At my school, we created a list of instructional strategies to use each week and we all tried to use at least one a day. It is easy and fun to do. It is a great way for trial and error.