No More Dead Dogs

by: Gordon Cormon


the characters include the following, parker, Wallace, Rachel, Trudi, Mr.Fogelman, rick, feather, Cavanagh, Dylan, Rory (that's me!!), the void...

NMDD book cover.


Short Book Summery.

Wallace Wallace an 8th grader who never lies is put on detention by a drama teacher. during this time he is off the football team he realizes that being in drama could be fun and give him new friends. he leaves football and joins drama but during this time someone is sabotaging the play in many ways... ho is it? you'll have to find out your self....

''A pretty good book'' Rory bonaventura


the book no more dead dogs was created by: Gordon Cormon. Wallace Wallace is a star football player who never lies and that lands him in trouble when he rites a review about old shep, my pal.