by:Kevin Roque


What if you lived near a volcano and you saw lava pour out of it.that is really scary but it is possible some people have experienced a volcano.Volcanoes are landforms where magma erupts and it is called lava.scientists study volcanoes to get a better understanding of how they effect people,places, and the environment.

What is a Volcano?

Volcanoes are formed when the earth's land take form of a volcano .They are found in a zone called the ring of fire it is near Japan,North America,and South America.Scientists who study volcanoes are called volcanologists.They learn and study the recent volcanic eruption and help people by

What are the Effects of Volcanoes

Volcanoes can be a hazard to people, place, and the environment, but they also have benefits.volcanoes affect people because it can destroy their homes and it can kill people.It can affect places because the lava can burn homes and other places.and it can affect the environment because when the lava dries up it becomes land and farmers can use dried up lava as soil for their crops.and volcanic gasses help create our atmosphere.



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