Laminar and Turbulent Flow

Laminar FLow

Laminar flow generally happens when dealing with small pipes and low flow speed. Laminar flow can be seen as a series of liquid cylinders in the pipe, where the deepest parts flow the fastest, and the cylinder touching the pipe isn't moving at all.

Ex. Fins of dolphins, blood through arteries, water in a tube, aircraft.

Turbulent Flow

In turbulent flow speed and eddies make the flow unpredictable. Turbulent flow happens in general at high flow rates and with larger pipes.

Ex. A block, golf ball, kite, running in a shallow pool

In the picture above, you can see that the Laminar Flow is a smooth looking flow that appears glassy when flowing out of the tap. All the water particles have the same direction. As for the Turbulent Flow, it is very opaque and not very clear. The water particles are travelling in different directions. If you are close to it, you can feel a spray of water. The particle reached you because it had a fast speed in your direction.