Grade 5 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary School

Week 2 Monday 12th - Friday 16th January

Dates for the Diary

Optional parent teacher conference - Wednesday 28th January

Science Centre Trip -

5CDO - 3rd and 10th February

5ABA - 4th and 12th February

5DNI - 6th and 13th February

Global Family festival - Thursday 5th February

Next week's Virtue of the Week is

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Language Arts

This week, the children have continued to be immersed in journalistic writing. Following on from our learning about techniques that help make good headlines, we have been crafting our own, catchy orientations - to really hook the reader. The children experimented with the order in which the who, what, when and where was communicated for maximum effect.

The use of direct speech and reported speech is very common in journalistic writing and so this week we have practiced writing in both forms. We consolidated this skill by converting directed speech to reported speech and then reversing the process.


This week, the Grade 5 children continued to work on Ratio questions. They are encouraged to use a checklist to help them check their Ratio word problems. The checklist consists of the headings, the ratio, model (whenever necessary), the number sentences and the final answer.

The Grade 5 children also worked with real-life items like smarties and cereal snacks. Working with these items help the children relate the concepts learnt in school to real-life situations. For example: modifying the quantity of the ingredients to cater to a different number of servings.

A Ratio test was used to consolidate the children’s learning on Friday
Test your Ratio Skills

Challenge your friends - which level can you reach?


This week the children have been delving into historical archives, looking for a range of sources to learn about significant events in history. We have discussed the different types of sources and looked at how we can determine if a source is reliable or not. Children are currently working in groups to produce a historical news report from a particular country.

The children had an exciting morning on Thursday as we were fortunate to have a number of visitors come to speak with us. The guest speakers were from a range of different backgrounds in media and communications and they really brought our unit of work to life. We learnt all about photo editing, freelance journalism, magazine publications, storytelling and producing TV programmes.

The children are now looking forward to putting what they learnt in to practice when they begin working on their news reports.



To design a photostory which teaches the virtue of kindness. Submission Date - Friday 30th January

Language Arts

Writing - Children to choose a headline and write a story to match.

Submission Date - Monday 26th January

Spelling - Complete sheet on suffixes - ence, ance and once

Submission Date - Friday 23rd January


Children will have a task set by their Maths teachers.

Monday's submission date - Wednesday 21st January

Wednesday's submission date - Friday 23rd January

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Mrs. Patrice Valere – Elementary School Art Teacher