How to Play Soccer

the basics by:Naomi

step 1: what you need

-shorts(no booty shorts), jersey, cleats, socks,shin gaurds, size 5 ball, and lots of water

Step 2: how to dribble (if know how skip to next step)

-kick the ball softly in front of you *remember to keep the ball close enough so you can easily extend your leg and bring it back in


Step 3: passing to a team mate

- set your self so you are facing your teammate

- then simply kick the balk to your teammate * keep your non dominate foot pointing towards the person you are passing to

step 4: shooting into a goal

-when you are shooting into a goal in a game you want the ball to really be coming towards you

-in a game before you shoot you want to make sure you have the right stance you need to NOT be standing up straight but you want to be leaning a bit on your non dominate foot

-next for a good stance you want your non domimate foot to be slightly bent and the other leg to be almost touching your butt

-then kick as hard as you can

step 5: heading and chesting

-to head you dont need a special stance you just need to hit the ball with the right part of your head

-the part of your head that should come in contact with the ball is just above your hairline so you won't get a concussion, then just go for it

-you may need to jump up a bit to hit the ball but other than that you should be fine *remember to try to keep your eyes open

-to chest you want to make your chest as flat as possibe then don't jump but let the ball hit you

step 6: playing a game

-when you play a game you want to do all the steps 2-5 but a whole lot faster

-always remember no hands and listen to your coaches and captains because they know whats best for the team *tip: just as in any other sport comunication is key

- try to be aggresseve but don't over do it because its a foul and/or red card also your team loses the ball