A day in the Tropical Rainforest


The habitants

One of the Biome's that contains most of the species on Earth isn't as big as you thought it was. The Tropical Rainforest Biome only covers 6% of the Earth's land surface. Most of these Biome's is in the belt of the Earth: Equator. As said before this Biome is very big, it contains 3000 fish species, 1500 of plant species, 750 Tree species, 400 bird species, 150 butterfly species 100 species of reptile, 60 amphibians species and a mouth droping 42,000 species per 2.5 acres!!!!!!
Rainforest Animals

The weather in the Rainforest

The tropical rainforests climate is very warm, it has an average annual temperature of greater than 20 degrees celsius. They also have very little seasonal variation in temperature or day length, which is very favorable for plant growth. The tropical rainforest's temperature ranges from 20 to 25 degrees celsius and they have more than 250 centimeters of annual rainfall. The main climate control of the tropical rainforests are latitude.

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Bad news for the Rainforest biomes

One of the many problems that humans are doing to the Rainforest's is loging, Commercial logging companies cut down mature trees that have been selected for their timber. The timber trade defends itself by saying that this method of 'selective' logging ensures that the forest regrows naturally and in time, is once again ready for their 'safe' logging practices (WWF).
In most cases, this is untrue due to the nature of rainforests and of logging practices.
Large areas of rainforest are destroyed in order to remove only a few logs.
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