Americans have the Best Life

American, Asian, African

Daily Life?

Americans have a better life style then anybody else in the world. There life styles are more proportion then Asian, African, lifestyles. In the graphs below americans have an 8 hour school day. In the tipical student of the USA they have sports everyday or every other day, therefor americans are healthier and more energizetic.


How Does your Culture Affect your Behavior

Culture affects your behavior tremendously. For example if you have a culture that doesn't follow the rules and causes a lot of trouble, then your most likely going to have a bad behavior, because you have been learning that being bad is OK from your culture. Your behavior reflects all on your culture. The type of culture can be treacherous and evil, then your going to come most likely evil as well.

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I am the author of this piece as a 7th grader in Lakeview Middle School.