Complete List of Artworks

Semester 1

Ancient Near East Art - Unit 1

  • Warka Vase
  • Statuettes of two worshippers
  • Gudea standing, holding an overflowing water jar
  • Standard of Ur
  • Bull-headed harp with inlaid sound box
  • Ziggurat of Ur
  • Head of an Akkadian King
  • Victory stele of Naram-Sin
  • Stele with the laws of Hammurabi
  • Lamassu (man-headed winged bull)
  • Ishtar Gate

Ancient Egyptian Art - Unit 2

  • Palette of King Narmer, Predynastic
  • Imhotep, stepped pyramid of Djoser, Third Dynasty
  • Great Pyramids, Fourth Dynasty:
  • Great Sphinx, Fourth Dynasty
  • Khafre enthroned, Fourth Dynasty
  • Menkaure and Khamerernebty, Fourth Dynasty
  • Seated scribe, Fourth Dynasty
  • Ti, watching a hippopotamus hut, Fifth Dynasty
  • Interior hall of the rock-cut tomb of Amenemhet, 12th Dynasty
  • Mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, 18th Dynasty
  • Temple of Ramses II, interior, 19th Dynasty
  • Temple of Ramses II, exterior, 19th Dynasty
  • Amun-Re Pylon Temple, begun 15th century
  • Hypostyle Hall of the temple of Amun-Re, 19th Dynasty
  • Funerary banquet, from the tomb of Nebamun, 18th Dynasty
  • Akhenaten, 18th Dynasty
  • Thutmose, Nefertiti, 18th Dynasty
  • Tiye, 18th Dynasty
  • Akhenaton, Nefertiti, and three daughters, 18th Dynasty
  • Death mask of Tutankhamen, 18th Dynasty
  • Last judgment of Hunefer, 19th Dynasty

Proto-Greek Cultures - Unit 3

  • Figurine of a Woman, Cycladic
  • Harp player, Keros, Cycladic
  • Palace of Knossos, Minoan
  • Minoan Woman or Goddess (La Parisenne), Minoan
  • Bull Leaping, Minoan
  • Kamares Ware Jar, Minoan
  • Marine Style octopus flask, Minoan
  • Snake Goddess, Minoan
  • Harvesters Vase, Minoan
  • Lions Gate, Mycenaean
  • Treasury of Atreus, Mycenaean
  • Funerary Mask, Mycenaean

Ancient Greece - Unit 4

  • Geometric Krater, from the Dipylon cemetary, ca. 740 BCE
  • Lady of Auxerre, statue of a goddess or kore, ca. 650-635 BCE
  • Peplos Kore, from the Acropolis, ca. 530 BCE
  • Exekias, Attic black figure amphora with Ajax and Achilles playing a game
  • Euphronos, Herakles wrestling Antaois, Attic Red Figure Calyx-Krater
  • Kouros, ca. 600 BCE
  • Temple of Hera I, ca. 550 BCE
  • West pediment from the Temple of Artemis, ca. 600-580
  • Euthymides, three revelers (attic red figure amphora), ca. 510
  • Temple of Aphaia, ca. 500-490
  • West pediment of Temple of Aphaia, 500-490 BCE
  • East pediment from the Temple of Zeus, ca. 470-456
  • Kritios Boy, from the Acropolis, ca. 480 BCE
  • Warrior, ca. 460-450
  • Zeus, ca. 460-450 BCE
  • Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear Bearer)
  • Discobolus (Discus Thrower)
  • Erechtheion: Caryatid and Column
  • Lysippos, Farnese Hercules, 320 BCE
  • Apoxyomenos (Scraper), 330 BCE
  • Praxiteles, Hermes and infant Dionysus, ca. 340 BCE
  • Temple of Apollo, 313 BCE
  • Pergamon, ca. 175
  • Barberini Faun, ca. 230-200 BCE
  • Dying Gaul, ca. 230-220
  • Nike alighting on a warship (Nike of Samothrace), ca. 190 BCE
  • Aphrodite, ca. 150-125 BCE
  • Laocoon and his Sons, early first century CE
  • Seated boxer, ca. 100-50 BCE

Etruscan Art - Unit 5

  • Fibula with Orientalizing lions, from the Regolini-Galassi Tomb, Cerveteri, Italy, ca. 650-640 BCE
  • Model of a typical Etruscan temple of the sixth century BCE
  • Apulu (Apollo), from the roof of the Portonaccio Temple, Veii, Italy, ca. 510-500 BCE
  • Sarcophagus of the Spouses, from Cerveteri, Italy, ca. 520 BCE
  • Interior of the Tomb of the Reliefs, Cerveteri, Italy, third century BCE
  • Leopards, Banqueters, and Musicians, mural painting in the Tomb of the Leopards, Tarquinia Italy, ca. 480-470 BCE
  • Diving and fishing, mural painting in the Tomb of Hunting and Fishing, Tarquinia Italy, ca. 530-520 BCE
  • Capitoline Wolf, from Rome, Italy, ca. 500-480 BCE
  • Chimera of Arezzo, from Arezzo, Italy, first half of fourth century BCE
  • Sarcophagus of Lars Pulena, from Tarquinia, Italy, early second century BCE
  • Aule Metele (Arrigatore), from Cortona, Italy, early first century BCE

Roman Art - Unit 6


  • Temple of Portunus, Republic
  • Temple of Vesta, Republic
  • Funerary relief with portraits of the Gessi, Republic
  • Head of Roman patrician, Republic
  • Portrait of a Roman general, from the Sanctuary of Hercules, Republic
  • Denarius with portrait of Julius Caesar, Republic
  • Atrium of the House of the Vettii, Republic
  • First Style wall painting in the fauces of the Samnite House, Republic
  • Dionysiac mystery frieze, Second Style wall paintings, Republic
  • Second Style wall paintings, Republic
  • Gardenscape, Second Style wall painting, Republic
  • Detail of a Third Style wall painting, Republic
  • Fourth Style wall paintings in Room 78, Republic
  • Fourth Style wall paintings in the Ixion Room, Republic
  • Neptune and Amphitrite, wall mosaic, Republic
  • Portrait of husband and wife, wall painting, Republic

Early Empire

  • Portrait of Augustus as general, Early Empire
  • Portrait bust of Livia, Early Empire
  • Ara Pacis Augustae, Early Empire
  • Severus and Celer, octagonal hall of the Domus Aurea of Nero, Early Empire
  • Colosseum, Early Empire
  • Portrait of Vespasian, Early Empire
  • Portrait bust of a Flavian woman, Early Empire

High Empire

  • Arch of Titus, High Empire
  • Apollodorus of Damascus, Forum of Trajan, High Empire
  • Column of Trajan, High Empire
  • Arch of Trajan, High Empire
  • Pantheon (interior), High Empire
  • Longitudinal and lateral sections of the Pantheon, High Empire
  • Hadrian’s Villa, High Empire
  • Canopus and Serapeum, Hadrian’s Villa, High Empire
  • Maritime Theatre, Hadrian’s Villa, High Empire
  • Centaurs Fighting Cats of Prey, Hadrian’s Villa, High Empire
  • Apotheosis of Antoninus Pius and Faustina, pedestal of the Column of Antoninus Pius, High Empire
  • Decursio, pedestal of the Column of Antoninus Pius, High Empire
  • Equestrian Sculpture of Marcus Aurelius, High Empire
  • Portrait of Marcus Aurelius, High Empire
  • Sarcophagus with the myth of Orestes, High Empire
  • Asiatic sarcophagus with kline portrait of a woman, High Empire
  • Mummy portrait of a man, High Empire

Late Empire

  • Portrait of Caracalla, Late Empire
  • Chariot procession of Septimius Severus, Late Empire
  • Plan of the central section of the Baths of Caracalla, Late Empire
  • Ludovisi Battle Sarcophagus, Late Empire
  • Sarcophagus of a philosopher, Late Empire
  • Temple of Venus plan, Late Empire
  • Tetrarchs, Late Empire
  • Arch of Constantine, Late Empire
  • Portrait of Constantine, Late Empire
  • Colossus of Constantine, Late Empire

Buddhist Art - Unit 7

  • Lion capital of column erected by Ashoka at Sarnath, India
  • Great Stupa, Sanchi, India
  • Yakshi, detail of eastern gateway, Great Stupa, Sanchi, India
  • Interior of chaitya hall, Karle, India
  • Interior or cave 19, Ajanta, India
  • Bodhisattva Padmapani, wall painting in cave 1, Ajanta, India
  • Vairocana Buddha, disciples, and bodhisattvas, Longman Caves, Luoyang, China
  • Paradise of Amitabha, cave 172, Dunhuang, China
  • Bodhisattva, probably Avalokiteshvara (Guanyin), Shanxi Province, China

Early Christian Art - Unit 8

  • Santa Maria Antiqua sarcophagus
  • Santa Pudenziana
  • Sarcophagus of Junius Bassus
  • Santa Sabina
  • Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Mausoleum of Galla Placidia

Early Medieval and Byzantine Art - Unit 9

Early Medieval

  • Purse cover, from Sutton Hoo ship burial, 7th century
  • Cross and carpet page, from the Lindisfarne Gospels, England 8th century


  • Saint Michael the Archangel, 6th century
  • Anthemius of Tralles and Isidorus of Miletus, Hagia Sophia, Constantinople, 6th century
  • Interior of San Vitale, Ravenna, Italy, 6th century
  • David composing psalms, folio 1 verso of the Paris Psalter, 10th century
  • Theotokos and Child, icon, late 11th century to early 12th century
  • Anastasis, apse fresco in the parekklesion of the Church of Christ in Chora, Constantinople, 14th century

Carolingian and Ottonian - Unit 10


  • Saint Matthew, folio 18 verso of the Ebbo Gospels, 9th century
  • Crucifixion, Lindau Gospels Cover, 9th century


  • St. Michael’s, Hildesheim, Germany, 11th century
  • Doors with relief panels (Genesis and Life of Christ) Saint Michael’s Hildesheim, 11th century
  • Crucifix commissioned by Archbishop Gero for Cologne Cathedral, 10th century

Romanesque Art - Unit 11

  • St. Sernin, Toulouse, France, 12th century
  • Pilgrimage Church at Vezelay, France, 12th century
  • Abbey Church of Sainte-Foy, Conques, France, 12th century
  • Sculptural reliefs in the tympanum of: Pilgrimage Church at Vezelay, France, 12th century and Cathedral of St. Lazare at Autun, France 12th century
  • Bayeux Tapestry, France, 12th century

Gothic Art - Unit 12

  • St. Denis, Paris, France, 12th Century
  • Cathedral of Notre Dame, Chartres, France, 13th Century
  • Salisbury Cathedral, England, 12th Century
  • Virgin of Paris, Paris, France 13th Century
  • Visitation Jamb Statues, Reim Cathedral 13th Century
  • Ekkehard and Uta, Naumburg Cathedral, 13th Century
  • West, North, and South Portals of Chartes, 13th Century