Breaugh Bunch Monthly Newsletter


MARCH 2014

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our monthly newsletter!! Fun and exciting things are happening here in room 203. Each month we will keep you updated with what we are learning as well as reminders and special events. Enjoy!

March is Reading month!! To ensure that your child is reaching their weekly reading goal make sure they are reading a minimum of 20 minutes a day and logging their pages in their reading journals. Since this month’s emphasis is reading I have added a few incentives that you may of heard at home. The class goal this month is to read a combined amount of 10,000 pages!! If we can reach this goal I agreed to dye my hair lime green on the last day of March. If the class reads more than 10,000 pages I will volunteer myself for the dunk tank at the ice cream social. And lastly, if they can reach 15,000 pages they will receive a surprise bonus. I will make sure to include an update with pictures in next month’s newsletter. :)


We have been working very hard in the classroom!


We just concluded Unit 6 in which the students learned how to solve multiplication and division number stories, were introduced to division and partial quotients, learned how to interpret remainders, how to measure angles, and lastly how to plot points using coordinate systems. Whew!! Last week we started Unit 7. During this unit students will be introduced to fraction concepts, notation, and uses. They will also learn how to add and subtract fractions and mixed numbers, practice identifying equivalent fractions, and we will touch upon chance and probability. We began the unit with exploratory centers and had a special guest, Mrs. Irwin come to help out. This unit includes lots of hands-on manipulatives and who doesn’t like that?


Writers Workshop is going great! Currently the students are working on writing their very own informational book that we plan to share with you at conferences. Each student has chosen a topic and has begun making chapters. We are learning many strategies that are helping to guide exactly what will be in these books and cannot wait to share them! We are also building our writing stamina every day! We test spelling every Friday. Please help your child remember to turn in their spelling homework every Friday.

Our Readers Workshops lessons are also going great! Currently students are learning about nonfiction books, their text features, and how to read them critically which has tied in wonderfully with writing our nonfiction books. Each student is reading at their individual level and should be reading for 20 minutes a night with a “just right fit” book that is brought home from school.


Distance, volume, mass, and temperature-oh my! Your little scientist is learning all about measurement and how it applies to our everyday lives. During our measurement unit we have conducted 4 investigations which all end with an experiment in which the students get to practice a different form of measurement. We are wrapping up our unit by having each group create an event that could be a part of a Metric Olympics! We have many unique and creative events which the students will present next week.


3/15- Dress up as your favorite Olympic Sport Day & Green Bagels
3/16- Read In The Park
3/17- St. Patrick's Day
3/21- Red, White, and Blue Day
3/26- Spring Conferences 5:30-8:00pm
3/27- Half Day & Spring Conferences 12:30-3:00 and 5:30-8:00pm
3/28- Dress up as a character from a book Day


Thank you to all of our parent volunteers for helping coordinate classroom parties, hot cocoa for the safety's, and lice checks! We really appreciate all you do! Due to the warmer weather (yay!) we have many puddles. Please remind your child to continue to wear boots until it dries up outside. Today your child will be bringing home a handout with information about our spring conferences. The back of the handout lists the date and time that you have signed up. Thank you and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me via: