RIS Tech Community Update

Week of Nov 9-16

Technology Enhancing Student Learning

Whether you are looking for some easy, no hassle tech tools to use, simple ways for students to give feedback, or simply wondering what exactly is the SAMR model , take a moment to check out what's been posted on our community site this past week.

Go even further this week and contribute something of your own by posting or commenting on another's contribution. Use these postings/ideas to spur your own contributions (Click here to review how to post and view the community if you need a refresher.)

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The SAMR Model

A wonderful, short explanation brought to you by some COETAIL folks in a far off, but not to distant land.

SAMR PechaKucha


Use the thoughts and ideas from above to 'prime your pump' and contribute what you're doing these days in class. Click here to browse, read and/or comment on others' thoughts and experience.