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"If There Was No Fear---Everybody Would Be Doing It"

Last week, the Brighten Your Life Tour came to Atlanta and it was one of the best trainings (aside from Hoopla) that I have been to (and that says a lot since I have been a stylist for almost 3.5 years).

Danielle Redner, as always, was amazing and she had some great tips and comments to help move your business forward whether you want to have 1 trunk show a month or 5. I know Ashley Bardash from LacocoDots posted notes from the event as well, but I just wanted to pull together my top notes that I took away from Brighten Your Life so that hopefully it will help you meet your goals.

I know I'm guilty of this but sometimes we tend to make things more complicated than they should be and Danielle simplified it a ton. We are part of an amazing company and we are still (if you can believe) so young. Our commissions paid out to stylists are higher than most direct sale companies (including make-up, skin care etc.).

Over the next 2 weeks, I will be reaching out to each of y'all to see how I can help you and support you with your Stella & Dot business. Whether it be weekly coaching calls, brainstorming ideas or just checking in once a month---I want to make sure that you are happy and successful with whatever your goal is.

THINK of yourself as the ceo of your own company

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Danielle talked about how Stella & Dot wants to market to the non-accessories woman (she described her sports loving sister in law) and at Hoopla---they will be sharing a new product that will be able to market to that demographic so that we can reach more people. Huge for our business and the growth of Stella & Dot.

We have only styled .1% of our demographic market

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All it takes is 10 people a week.....

This was one of the big things that Danielle talked about and really seemed to be game changing for a lot of people (hence the posts on the LacocDots page).

Danielle said that she has been doing this for years and it creates success and consistency.

-Make 2 calls 5 nights a week. She said Sunday-Thursday

-Make the calls between 8-9pm at night and that is where you will get the greatest chance of someone picking up.

-Warm them Up the day before with an email (check out the April Success) and then next day, CALL THEM

-Danielle said that you will probably get a lot of voicemails. If you get a voicemail--leave a message basically saying "Hi Suzy, this is Julie with Stella & Dot. Just following up with you regarding the email I sent you yesterday. Would love to chat with you--give me a call when you get a chance, my number is 1234567"

-She said that most people will not call you back and take that as a "not right now" and move them to the bottom of the list to reach out to them in 6 months.

-Normally the ratio is for every 10 calls you make---expect 1 booking

-With this system--you will create consistency


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Trunk Show Customer Care Calls

We are all guilty of this. Not making customer care calls after a trunk show. TIME TO START MAKING THEM!!

-Danielle mentioned that at checkout---tell them that you will be checking in with them in a few weeks to see if they have gotten their stuff and enjoying it.

-Call them and ask if they are enjoying and then mention that if they are interested you would love to being your stuff and help her shop for free.

-Don't forget to plant seeds at the trunk show. A lot of times, people don't understand what a trunk show is.

Want to Build a Team?

-Don't forget to Sponsor. Building a team is one of the best parts of Stella & Dot. You get to meet amazing woman and help them start their own fashion business. Why not share in your joy and happiness.

So if you feel you aren't sponsoring enough----

1. Plant the seed with hostesses while you are hostess coaching, trunk show guests and your prospective list.

2. Pass out at least 2 prospective stylist packets and pass them out

3. Follow up with them.

4. Pay them a compliment on why you think they would be a great stylist.

Time Mastery Tips

I know for me I am always looking for that 25th hour in the day---but really I'm just not using my time as wisely as I should. Here are 4 tips that Danielle mentioned.

1. Try and do all your work of booking and sponsoring at the trunk show---look at it as this will be your last trunk show and you need to make it count.

2. Coach your family on your goals. How can they help and support you if they don't know your goals.

3. Block out your work hours whether you can work 2 hours or 15 hours a week----and do work that will move your business forward.

4. Invest forward to reach your goals.

Dont forget the Summer Splash Incentive


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