Yo Soy de Argentina

Information About Me

Me llamo Valentina. Yo soy de San Luis in Argentina. Yo soy estudiante en Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires. Yo tengo catorce anos. Mi numero de telefono es 56 9 3675 8479. El colors en la segunda foto el colors son gris, azul, verde, y brown.


  1. I found the scenery the most interesting in the city and the country it just really pretty and it caught my eye.

  2. That there is a lot to learn about one city and one whole country and it very interesting to learn about new things.
  3. It was the same in its different ways but if we were to compare there similarity's it would be the age the interests kind of. Well it was different because it was whole different cultures.
  4. What surprised me the most is how beautiful the scenery is there and its just a gorgeous place.
  5. Is that you can have the same likes and dislike in different cultures.