Chromebooks in the Classroom

Helpful Tips and Engaging Ideas for the Classroom

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Getting Started with Chromebooks

The first time you plan on using the Chromebooks, keep the activity simple. The first time using the Chromebooks, the focus maybe more on establishing norms and procedures for using technology in the room and teaching students how to login. Knowing that, don't plan an activity that could be time consuming and challenging for students to complete.

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Logging into the Chromebooks

The hardest part of using the Chromebooks in the classroom is the login process. For students and teachers, it is a two step login process.

  1. Log into the content filter with your network login - for students, this is their student ID # and their 8-digit birthday; for teachers, it is the first four letters of their last name and first initial and whatever their password they have created.
  2. Logging into your Google Account.

Once you've signed into both the Chromebooks are ready to use for any web-based activity or one of the district installed Apps.

Google Accounts

All students and staff have a Google for Education Account. If you have not accessed your account, try it today.

Staff Logins:

Student Logins:

Logging in vs. Browsing as a Guest

The "Browse as a Guest" option is convenient and does eliminate students from having to login twice with two different logins. However, if students are browsing as a guest, they have limited options and cannot access district installed apps such as, iStation and Achieve 3000.

Chrome Apps

What are Chrome Apps?

Apps are often enhanced shortcuts that optimize the website or app within the browser. Some require additional installation and set-up. Chrome must be running to access these applications.

What Apps are on our Chromebooks?

  1. iStation
  2. Achieve 3000
  3. SeeSaw
  4. Padlet
  5. Reading Recs & Writing Nav
  6. Google Apps - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Forms, Drawings

How can I get Apps Added?

If there is an app that you would like to use with students on the Chromebooks, email Tracey or Claudio. Include the name of the app and what you will be using it for. Plan ahead and give us at least 2 days notice to ensure we have time to push the app out.

Web-based Activities on the Chromebook

Because the Chromebook is nothing more than an internet browser. It is perfect for any web-based activity. *Note: Always preview the websites you will using with students on the Chromebook prior to the lesson.

Recommended Websites:

  1. - Game-Based Assessment
  2. - Assesment
  3. -
  4. - Remember it's more than just videos
  7. - create your own online e-books
  8. SMART Notebook features - SMART Response and Shout Out!
  9. Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for Education

Docs (Think Microsoft Word) - anything that can be written, can be typed. Bonus features allow for easy sharing and collaborating between teachers and students.

  • Write a collaborative story between classes
  • Use the research tool
  • Peer Editing

Slides (Think Microsoft PowerPoint) - Simple presentations. Easy to share and collaborate

  • "Crowdsourcing" - each student creates/adds to a slide to create a class presentation

Sheets (Think Excel) - Not as robust as Excel, but great for sorting, sharing, and collaborating over data

Forms - Can be used for a multitude of classroom tasks from collecting student information, parent feedback to assessment. Add-ons like Flubaroo even make grading less of hassel.

  • Quizzes
  • Exit Tickets

Drawings - A workspace where students can combine graphics, free-handed drawings, shapes and text into a design.

Classroom - A one-stop shop for distributing and collecting assignments with your students.

Tips for Integration

Key Points for Integrating Technology

Remember Integration doesn't have to be hard.

  • Keep it simple.
  • Start slow.
  • Focus on your content not the technology.
  • Think about what you want the students to do or know in the end and then how/what technology can assist me with that.
Student Login Poster

Post this sign near your Chromebooks to remind students how to login.