Sudgen's IT Specialists

Job hunting in the IT sector

May issue

About Us

Every day we receive lots of CV's for job applications and our aim is to help people find their perfect job. We do this by looking a possible candidates CV and figure out what they're best at to find them a job. Our company is based in York at Clifton Moor and we have an excellent team of employees. Below is an example of the work we do.

The Client

Here we have Ranjit Haringer who is new out of college with experience in IT support.

Ranjit has an extended diploma in IT networking. Ranjit has an excellent telephone manner and customer service skills this will allow him to talk to customers and clients in a confident way. Ranjit also has plenty of experience in setting up and maintaining hardware and software systems. He has a flexible schedule which is crucial in any job. In any IT related job you will be expected to have general knowledge of basic software such as Adobe suits and Microsoft Office.

The Job

A good job to advise Ranjit to take would be something within customer technical support. This means he will be noting the technical problems that the customer reports to him over the phone. He will then pass this information over to other employees who can determine the fault. When the fault has been repaired or resolved Ranjit will then call the customer up and tell him/her how to progress. The average starting salary for this type of job starts at £17,000 and could progress to £23,000