Nike sweatshops

Does Nike have sweatshops?????

Nike sweatshops located

There are 73 in Thailand,35 in Sounth Korea , 34 in Vietnam, also in Asia,South Smerica,Australia,Canada,Italy,Mexico,Turkey, and the United States and many more. (some shown in video.)

Products Made

Sporting goods,clothes, shoes etc.

Conditions of Nike Sweatshops

In Vietnam/China : chemicals causing liver, kidney , and Brian damage are at a all time high at 77% of the workers have some sort of respiratory problems because they do not use protection or are told about the chemical that are effecting there body's


How Nike responded to accusations

On Apr. 23, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Kasky v. Nike, a suit claiming that the Beaverton (Ore.) footwear giant's public-relations efforts misled consumers about abusive working conditions at the overseas factories that produce its shoes. In 1997, Nike hired Andrew Young, the former U.N. Ambassador, to evaluate 12 factories that make its sneakers, mostly in Asia and he came back with nothing to tell .

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  1. How did the Industrial Revolution affect working conditions today? well because of the industrial revolution we have child labor law that protects children for working.
  2. What solutions/alternatives are there to sweatshops? well pay the workers more and lower the prices of food at the factories.
  3. what did you learn? that it was not easy living during the industrial revolution a lot of people died in a result of it.
  4. As an American consumer, are you now more concerned with how the products you buy are made? yes I am more concerned Why or Why not? because just think about what people had to go though to make them and people don't seem to care in my opinion.


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