Kindergarten Newsletter

Week of September 29, 2014

In Reading this week...

This week we are focused on making connections! As we read we will make connections to ourselves, other texts, to the world and to media.

In Writing...

We are writing and drawing those hard-to-make ideas. Sometimes we have great ideas, but getting them from our mind onto the paper can be difficult. The students are learning and practicing the "I'll do the best I can and keep going" attitude. Your writer will begin adding details to his/her pictures and words when he/she believes they are done with a story.

In Math...

In math we are focusing on joining numbers together. We are continuing to work on the concept of more/less/equal. Keep counting by 1's, 5's and 10's at home!

In Science...

In science we will be learning about the properties of objects...specifically PUMPKINS! If you would like to donate a small pumpkin or gourd to your child's class it would be greatly appreciated! The more unusual (texture, color, etc) the better! We appreciate your help.

Social Studies...

This week in Social Studies we will be locating important people in our school and the important places in our school. We will be using maps and globes to determine location.

Important Dates and Information

Oct. 9 - Fall Picture Day

Oct. 13 - Parent Conference Day - No School for Students!

Oct. 16 - Celebration of Learning (1st grade performs)

Oct. 17 - Phillips Pizza Picnic

Oct. 20 - Field Trip to Pumpkins on the Prairie

Oct. 29 - Boosterthon Fun Run