The Chinese Intrests

Chinese Geography

  1. China is the 4th largest country in the world.
  2. China contains the highest point in the world, MT. Everest.
  3. Ayding lake in china is 505ft below sea level.
  4. China is in one time zone.
  5. The longest river in China is the 3,494-mile Yangtze.
  6. China is bordered by 13 countries.
  7. The parts of china bordered by seas are hit by many monsoons.
  8. The government divided china into 5 homogeneous physical macro-regions.
  9. China has 14.86% arable land.
  10. Most of all population lives on east coast near seas.
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  1. American politics are scared of Chinas rising economy.
  2. White is the color for mourning not black.
  3. China has at least seven official languages.
  4. The main religion of china is Buddhism.
  5. The father runs the family in China.
  6. The Chinese celebrate the Chinese new year.
  7. China is run by a Communist party.
  8. China also has a Communist economy.
  9. It is custom to bring a gift when invited to someone's house.
  10. Exchanging of cigarettes between men is considered a good way to break the ice.
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1. What is this picture of?

2. What does it mean For the Chinese people?

China VS. Japan


1. China has many languages such as Cantonese, Mandarin or Shanghainese, Japan has only Japanese but in different forms.

2. Chow mein is a famous dish from China, where as sushi is a famous dish from Japan.

3. China is currently a Communist regime, Japan is a constitutional monarchy.

4. Chinese celebrate Chinese New Year, the Japanese celebrate their own new year.

5. Chinese names usually only have one syllable. Japanese names usually have about three syllables.

6. Chinese practice Buddhism, while Japanese practice Shintoism.

7. China is on the mainland of Asia, where as Japan is a group of islands.

8. Chinas voting age is 18, Japans voting age is 20.

9. Chinas drinking age is 18, Japans drinking age is 20.

10.Chinas currency is the Chinese Yuan, Japans currency is the Yen

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1. Very similar writing.

2. Both countries are major exporters.

3. Use chopsticks for eating utensils.

4. Similar diet involving rice.

5. Concerned about saving face.

6. About 5% Obesity.

7. Death penalties are legal.

8. Two of the highest industrial superpowers.

9. Both terrace farm due to little arable land.

10. Under 10% unemployment.

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