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Gas Up Internet Presence with Fuel Internet Marketing

NASHVILLE, Tenn., (August 1st, 2013) – In today’s online world, a presence on the Internet is the key to legitimacy. If you are not on the Internet, most customers will never know you even exist. If you want to gas up your Internet presence, then Fuel Internet Marketing is the answer.

Fuel Internet Marketing is one the “top rated” search engine optimization (SEO) and social media companies you will find the in the country. The difference between Fuel Internet Marketing and other social media companies is that the talented communicators at Fuel are absolutely Passionate about what they do and they love it!

Fuel Internet Marketing’s CEO and President – Scott Levy – has been doing Internet marketing for over 15 years. Many consider him the absolute authority in the industry among countless social media companies. Under his leadership, Fuel has pioneered many of the techniques and discovery done over the years on how to best drive Web attention to Fuel’s clients. In fact, Levy speaks at seminars and consults even the largest firms in the country. He is even in the process of writing a book about Social Media engagement, and can be seen in Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, on CNN, and other top-notch publications and broadcasts. With his guidance, Fuel Internet Marketing is the standard by which all social media companies are judged.

Fuel Internet Marketing is the social media ompany other marketing firms and social media companies hire when they have a problem they cannot solve, or have a monster client they need to land or who which they must go the extra mile.

How important is the work of Fuel Internet Marketing? Studies have shown that 85% of all website traffic originates from the search engines, with the majority coming from a select few. If a business is not making use of SEO services like those provided by Fuel, they could find themselves “out of gas” in the Information Superhighway.

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