Roman Name: Liber + Bacchus

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God of WIne and Revelry

More Info on his Job....

He invented wine. Which is why he is known as the god of wine. The Revelry part comes into play because he has a lot of festivities (in our vocabulary these days, parties). Mainly for honor of theater.


  • Grape- he invented wine
  • Thyrsos- A distinctive type of staff. Its basically a stick held together with ivy and a pine cone on top.
  • (Drinking) Cup- a cup in which he drinks his own invention of wine

Character Traits

  • Curiosity (curious for new things/inventions)
  • Importance (He was one of the most important gods because he was know for "The Rebirth of Death)
  • Non- Worshiped (He was not worshipped by others. However, he was present within his followers)


Dionysus has a VERY confusing family tree. This makes it hard for people to know exactly who he was related to. A few sources helped us find out that his birth parents are Zeus and Semele. Zeus was originally married to Hera but had an affair with Semele. Hera befriended Semele. Semele demanded Zeus to tell Hera that HE was the father of the child in Semele's womb. Zeus couldn't do that too Hera so he thrashed down lightning strikes and killed Semele. Then he did the best thing of all time (in my opinion). He saved the unborn Dionysus. He took out Dionysus from Semele's womb and planted it in his very own thigh. This was known as the death and rebirth of Dionysus. After this, Zeus had MANY "girlfriends". You could say he was a big time cheater. We could not find any other information on relationships other than parents.


  • Possessed (with the power of strength)
  • Magic Abilities (allows him to change form to another person or object)
  • Power to grow and control vines


  • Madness (Hera afflicted Dionysus with madness; insanity)
  • Drunk (said to say that he's drunk frequently)
  • Self-destructive Nature (This means to be unsuccessful at something0

Interesting Facts

  1. Last god to enter Olympus.
  2. He was once captured by pirates because he looked like the son of a King.
  3. Rescued the Princess of Crete, Ariadne.

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