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I always view spring break with both enthusiasm and dread. Enthusiasm for the break from the day-in and day-out challenges of school and dread because there is a part of me that simply cannot completely break away from the daily routines of the school year. The toughest being my early morning daily wake-ups...even when on vacation!

Now that Spring Break has made its grand appearance, on this year, I'm daring to approach the week a little differently this time around. Here are a few things I'm planning to do:

  • Make a conscious effort to lay in the bed until 10:00 am ( I will need a sleep mask on so no light gets in my way)
  • Finish reading my book China Dolls by Lisa See and then start a new one
  • Attempt to ride my mountain bike without falling off of it or running into someone until Mrs. Goerner can help me master the gears it the following week!
  • Reorganize my accessory and shoe closets! (I can't find a thing!)
  • Try hard to not miss my flight or leave my passport (it's happened before)
  • Walk daily
  • Attempt to finish an obstacle course in preparation for the Shape Diva Dash in April
  • Meet 10 new people and learn one exciting thin about each of them
  • Reflect and write in one of my many journals
  • Go to movie theater to see Insurgent
  • Drink a gallon of water a day
  • Relax & just go with the flow
  • Volunteer for a couple of hours
  • Kiss and hug on my God children for a day

What will you do? Whatever it is, be safe and see you back in Wildcat Nation on March 23rd!

Always with teaching and learning in mind,

Felicia Turner

Elgin ISD's Maintenance Department IS Making a Difference at EES

To our Maintenance Department, THANK YOU for installing a PERMANENT covering over the walkway in our portables! It's so much nicer not having to dodge leaks, and it looks great! ~ Diane Slack

A Whatever It Takes On A Tuesday Attitude!

HUGE thank yous to EVERYONE for their Whatever It Takes Attitude!

On this afternoon alone, Mrs. Goerner volunteered to stay outside with me and the 100 kiddos in after school tutorials during their snack break, Ms. Courtney adjusted her plan to take her kids elsewhere when I told her Ms. Miller needed the computer lab, Ms. Lundgren picked up all the 1st and 2nd graders because we were still waiting on a bus to complete regular dismissal, and Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Smith gathered all 5th graders to clear the area and get the tutorials going as soon as possible.

GOOOOOO TEAM!!!!! ~ Krista Marx

Figure 19 Takes Center Stage

THANK YOU to the 1st-5th grade teachers for welcoming me into their classrooms to work on all things (well – SOME things) Figure 19! Together we’ve inferred, gotten the gist, and learned to choose the BEST summary. ~ Krista Marx

Stepping Up To The Plate!

Ms. Miller stepped in Tuesday afternoon to take not only her own group of 4th grade students from Mrs. Goerner and Mrs. Guerrero's class, but also the 3rd graders from Ms. Wagner's (now Mrs. Payne!) for after school tutorials.

GOOOOOOO TEAM!!!!!! ~ Krista Marx

The Hunt Is On!

How cool was it Tuesday to hear all the students in the hallways on the scavenger hunt? They were not only talking about colleges at every turn, but were also learning about teachers they don’t usually get to know much about. SOOOO powerful for the kids to know the background that goes into making EES a great place and to learn that places far away aren’t necessarily out of reach. Thank you, Mrs. H, for this learning experience!!!! ~ Krista Marx

Kudos to GT Teacher Jo Ellen Upton and the entire 5th grade team for a Wonderful UT Experience for the Kids! Check Them Out Below!

Interventionists On The Move!

THANK YOU to Jessica Miller and Angela Griffin for jumping in with both feet and embracing the “Whatever It Takes” approach to meeting the needs of our kids AND working within our facilities. Mrs. Griffin has become a “teacher a la cart” --- literally --- a la cart, taking her show on the road, as it were, and finding space to meet with kids and support their learning. ~ Krista Marx

Joanna's Passion

I wanted to take this moment to share with our staff how passionate and thorough Joanna Smith is about the special education population at Elgin Elementary School. During ARD meetings, Mrs. Smith is extremely organized and well prepared to discuss students' areas of reinforcement and refinement. She knows her students inside and out and is able to provide parents and staff members with a clear understanding of how and at what level their child is or is not performing! Continue to let your light shine, Mrs. Smith! ~ Felicia Turner

Mrs. Slack's Top 5 Brags

1. Mrs. H--you have made our EES career week super special! The kids have LOVED the activities and what a difference it makes to hear them setting personal goals towards going to college and choosing a career. I love the excitement in their voices as they start to see the connection between learning at school and life when they grow up!

2. Mrs. Goerner--I'm late on this one but I just had to share how awesome it is that you're always looking for ways to incorporate learning in a fun and meaningful way. Last week when the kids were so wiggly from not being able to go outside you had them dancing to YMCA while calling out different types of angles. Rock on!! Loved it!!!

3. Ms. Courtney--Speaking of rockin', you are rockin' small guided reading groups! I know at the end of the day that's a hard thing to do but the kids are engaged and learning valuable skills that will help them to become better readers. Way to go1

4. Ms. Dikeman, Mrs. Fangman, Mrs. Herrera, Mrs. Wheelis, Mrs. Ojeda, Mrs. Wagner, Mrs. Core, Mrs. Middaugh--Thank you all so much for each letting me borrow a few carpet squares during our TELPAS testing dates. I sent out an all call and the responses came in abundantly. Reason #585 why I love EES. And reason #586--Rachel Nelson even offered an entire rug!! Love, Love!!! Our campus is family. I LOVE you guys!!!

5. Dr. Cotner--thank you for keeping our specials team on track with schedules and everything else. I'm not sure any of us really fathom how much you do, but you're amazing!!! Thank you for being such an awesome team player (and leader!)

Ms. Mata's Class Gearing Up for the Perfect Career!

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Elgin Elementary School's Administrative Team

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Tania Sneed, Assistant Principal

Felicia Turner, Assistant Principal