Batch Geo

Maps tell a story, what story can your students tell....

Batch Geo is the fastest way to create google maps from any data. It accepts addresses, intersections, cities, states, and postal codes. Use Batch Geo to tell a story in Language Arts or History. Science students can create google maps of geological sites, famous scientists or discoveries. Students can be given Math problems to solve in Batch Geo.

Use the Spreadsheet Template, to submit data or create a Google Form to collect the information from students. Data can be customized to fit the purpose for creating Batch Geo.

How fast and simple is BatchGeo? Its as easy as:

1. Copy your data in a spreadsheet program or table (ctrl+c)

2. Paste your data into BatchGeo Step 1 (ctrl+v)

3. Click "Map Now"

4. You're done!

You can paste in data from other sources such as web pages too, see the example in this video:

How to create a map using BatchGeo

Batch Geo and Google Forms

Create a google form to gather student information for Batch Geo and present the class map to students. Some examples include assigning students a different location to write about and having them input information on a google form created by the teacher. The spreadsheet created by the Google Form would then be used to paste into Batch Geo.

Below are samples of Batch Geo maps created with core subjects in mind.