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School Wide Goal


The Evidence Based Instructional Strategy the school is focusing on this year is feedback. Teachers will provide student-friendly descriptions of what they intend students to learn or accomplish in a lesson and share with students the criteria for success.

Teachers will provide students with feedback or information about their progress or success and what course of action they can take to improve.

Utah's Online Library

Utah State provides many resources students can use to help them with their homework and research. Ask your librarian for the username and password this year to access these resources at home.
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Library Catalog

One of our library goals this year is:

Teaching students proactive skills in problem solving to find their own materials. Students will be able to access the library catalog from home.

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School Website

Keep up to date with what's going on at school by checking the school website for announcements.
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Principal's Blog

To keep up to date with events at the school be sure to follow the principal's blog
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Student Management System

Students can log in to the student management system Aspire to check their grades and attendance. To create an account check out the following link:


Clubs Website

To see what's going on with sports and clubs at the school check out our Sports and Clubs page: OPA Aguilas

For Library Club information check out our club page: Library Club

We'll be meeting Tuesdays in the Library starting September 5th.

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Library Blogs

6-9th Grade Library Skills website

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