TUCO Mission Trip to Campbell Farm

Help us move one mile closer to Yakima!

What's Happening?

This summer, in the heat of August, 13 brave folks from our church family will venture to Wapato, WA to share in mission with the Presbyterian Church (USA)’s Campbell Farm. We are so excited for this opportunity to share in ministry with the wider church. We look forward to challenging our assumptions about poverty in America as we look for new ways to respond to the needs of the community in Wapato — and here in Olympia. We hope that this mission trip will energize us to imagine new ways to be in service in our local community.

To travel these 387 miles to Wapato and engage in this mission, we need your help!

Please support our mission to Campbell Farm this morning by donating $10.00.

Each $10.00 donation will move us one mile closer to our fundraising goal so that every one of these 13 folks can engage in mission and change the world. With each $10.00 donation, we will add your name to a car that will hang in our narthex symbolically reminding us of the distance we have travelled from Olympia to Wapato. To make your donation, we invite you to write a check or donate online with “Mission Trip 2014″ in the memo field.