MAY 2021

Important Upcoming Dates

5/3 - 5/7: Staff Appreciation Week

5/3 - WDHS Fall Sports Mtg, during 8th period

5/4- May the 4th Be With You, Stars Wars Themed Day

5/10 - WDHS Winter Sports Mtg, during 8th period

5/12 - Interims distributed via email

5/17 - WDHS Spring Sports Mtg, during 8th period

5/24 - Girls Track & Field Championships, 4 pm @ Woodbury HS

5/25 - Boys Track & Field Championships, 4 pm @ Woodbury HS

5/26 - 6th grade trip to Camp Ockanickon

5/31 - School Closed for Memorial Day

6/3 - 8th grade trip to Six Flags Great Adventure

6/8 - 8th-grade Closing Ceremony practice-8:05am-9:05 am (GIRLS only)

6/8 - 8th grade Closing Ceremony practice-1:05pm-2:05 pm (BOYS only)

6/9 - 8th grade Closing Ceremony practice-8:45 am-10:15 am- ALL participating 8th graders

6/10 - Recording of 8th-grade Closing Ceremony- 8:15 am-9:45 am

6/10 - 5th grade Field Day

6/11 - 5th grade Field Day- RAINDATE

6/14 - 5th grade walk to Heritages- various classes TBD

6/14 - 6th grade Field Day

6/15 - 5th grade walk to Heritages- various classes TBD

6/15 - 8th grade Social at WD Park

6/15 - 7th grade Field Day- RAINDATE

6/16 - 5th grade walk to Heritages- various classes TBD

6/16 - 7th grade Field Day

6/16 - 8th grade Social at WD Park-RAINDATE

6/17 - 6th grade Field Day- RAINDATE

6/17 - Early Dismissal for students


6/22- Q4 report cards distributed

PHASE IV Attendance Update!

  • Beginning in Phase IV April 26th, students will no longer have to respond to the Qualtrics attendance survey each morning, and teaching staff will take attendance each day

  • Virtual students will now need to log into a homeroom video conference each morning, promptly at 7:45 am to be marked present by staff for the day

    • To log in to homeroom, virtual students will log in to their 1st period class video conference (with the exception of band/choir homeroom students)

    • For virtual students participating in band or choir homeroom, instructions on logging in will be provided by the band/choir homeroom teacher

    • For virtual 8th grade students that have study hall first period, they have been invited to a Google Classroom to access a video conference link for homeroom.

    • If a virtual student logs in late (i.e. misses their homeroom login), it is the responsibility of the student or parent to email or call the main office to ensure your students gets daily attendance credit

    • WDMS Attendance contact: Nancy Williams nwilliams@wdeptford.k12.nj.us 856-848-1200, press 2

  • In-Person students will have their attendance taken at school by the teacher

  • If a homeroom teacher is absent, a daily attendance question will be posted in the Google Classroom Stream for students to respond to

  • If your student is going to be absent OR work virtually due to ill symptoms, please contact the main office attendance line (856-848-1200, press 2)

Lunch/Recess in Phase 3 & 4

In preparation for Phase 3 and 4 this month, here is some important information to relay to your middle school students about lunch and recess:

  • Before lunch, students will go to their next period class and leave their partitions/materials.

    • 5th grade places belongings/partitions in 7th period class on assigned desks

    • 6th grade places belongings/partitions in 4th period class on assigned desks

    • 7th grade places belongings/partitions in 6th period class on assigned desks

    • 8th grade places belongings/partitions in 5th period class on assigned desks

  • Lunch:

    • Students will be assigned to sit by their pod (math class)

    • Students will be assigned a numbered desk in cafeteria

    • Trash cans will be wheeled around

    • Snack bar is closed (for now)

    • If students have to go to the bathroom, they should raise their hand and a staff member will provide them with a pass.

  • Recess:

    • Students must wear masks outside for recess

    • Do your best to social distance

    • If inclement weather, students will be assigned to a classroom for indoor study hall based on their pod (math period)

Bring a Water Bottle to School

With the warmer weather, longer days, and increased physical activity, PLEASE remind your child to bring a reusable water bottle on their in-person days. The water spickets are still covered and unavailable for use on our water fountains in the hallway. HOWEVER, our refillable water stations are available for students to refill their water bottles. Please remind your child to drink plenty of water daily. It’s important to stay hydrated!

Cell Phone Reminder

Just a reminder, students are not permitted to use their cell phones while at school. We understand that the pandemic may have caused some rules to become laxed, but students may not use their cell phones while at school. Cell phones should be kept in their lockers or, if a student does not use a locker, students must keep their cell phone turned off and in their bookbag. Failure to do the above will result in disciplinary action per the code of conduct.
Submit a Staff Shout-Out!

What better way to salute our WDMS Teachers than to submit a Staff Shout-Out! We hope to recognize staff weekly!


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