iPad Care and Use

The power of mobile technology for teaching and learning.

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Updating an iPad

Several times each year Apple will release an updated version of the iOS on an iPad. Users are responsible for keeping their Project Innovate iPad updated. Updates will ensure that all Apps, features, and functions of the iPad continue to work properly.

You can find more information about updating an iPad here.

Airwatch Mobile Device Management

All Project Innovate iPads are configured and enrolled in Airwatch. Users must keep their iPad logged in to the Agent app with location services "ON" at all times.

If you reset your network login password, you will also need to refresh your Agent login with the new password.

Through Airwatch, apps and books are made available to users at no cost to the user.

While Airwatch does provide a feature to search for a missing device, Apple's Find My iPad, accessible through iCloud.com, is much more precise and updates the location of a device 24/7.

App Procurement

Your Project Innovate iPads is setup to sync with your Personal Apple ID. You may purchase iOS apps via a personal credit card or by redeeming an iTunes gift card. Each user is responsible for purchasing free or paid apps they will to use on their Project Innovate iPad and cannot be reimbursed for purchases. Any apps purchased are forever owned by the individual making the purchase.

If a campus or department determines that an app is necessary or required, the district can make apps available through Airwatch and Apple's Volume Purchase Program without charge to individual users.

For more information on individual or volume purchase of apps, review this document online.

The Apple Suite of Apps

Apple now provides free of charge the iWorks and iLife Suite of Apps on all new iOS devices.

For your Project Innovate iPad this includes Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, Garageband, and more. (click on each title to learn more)

Google Apps for Education on the iPad

You can access, manage, and create all of your Google files on your Project Innovate iPad. Begin by downloading the basic Google Apps - Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Slide, Google Sheets, and Google Classroom. Within each App you will be able to login to your @g.birdvilleschools.net account to access all files.

To view all Google Apps available for download, visit the iTunes App Store.

Reflector 2

You can extend the use of your iPad for teaching and learning by mirroring your iPad via your classroom computer to the projector.

Click here to learn more about using Reflector 2 in your classroom.

Find My iPad

If your iPad goes missing, iCloud can help you figure out where it is. Sign in with your Apple ID at iCloud.com to locate your missing device on a map. You can enable Lost Mode immediately to prevent anyone else from accessing your personal information. You can also lock your device and send it a message with your contact number.

For more information or to access these features, go to http://www.apple.com/icloud/find-my-iphone.html.

iPad User Guide

For an in depth look at all features and functions of the iPad, you can access Apple's iPad User Guide at https://support.apple.com/manuals/.

You can save the PDF version of the user guide to the iBooks app for offline access.

iPad Loan Agreement

Prior to training, staff must be familiar with this User Agreement. Included in this agreement you will find details regarding:

  • The Purpose of Project Innovate
  • Professional Ethics
  • Staff Understandings
  • Proper Care
  • Loss, Damage, Theft, or Vandalism Procedures

Leaving Birdville ISD?

When you leave Birdville ISD your Project Innovate iPad must be turned in to the Technology Department. You must submit a helpdesk ticket and schedule an appointment. You will meet with a representative from the department and together you will clear the iPad of all personal and confidential information and then the iPad will be reset. You must also return the charging block and USB cable issued with the iPad.

Do not leave the iPad at your campus - each individual is responsible for turning in their device.


If you have questions or need additional information about Project Innovate, please contact: