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Student Choice

As teachers, we know that motivated students learn more. By giving students the opportunity to make choices in their learning, we can keep them motivated and engaged. What kinds of choices can you offer students? Here are some ways to think about offering choices to your students:

  • With whom will students work?
  • What content will students explore?
  • When will students need to complete tasks?
  • Where will students work?
  • How will students complete a given task?

Who is asking these questions can determine where an activity falls on the Continuum of Choice.

Read more about student choice and engagement in:

Perks, Kevin. "Crafting Effective Choices to Motivate Students." Adolescent Literacy In Perspective March/April (2010): 2-3. Ohio Resource Center, Mar. 2010. Web. 4 Jan. 2016.

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Canvas Corner

Connect your Google Drive in Canvas

With new Google Drive accounts, students can easily turn in Google Docs in their Canvas Assignments. With a change of passwords [ for details]- your Google Drive account becomes active. Go to and log in with your email address and Active Directory password to access your google drive. Student will log in with s(Student ID #)

By clicking on your personal settings in the upper right hand corner of any Canvas page, you and your students can connect Google Drives to Canvas accounts. Scroll down to Other Services, click on Google Drive, click Authorize your Google Drive and finally click Allow.

After authorizing their Google Drive, students will be able to access their Google Docs when submitting assignments you create for them in Canvas.

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