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By Yamil

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Southwest region Geography

The southwest region is a hot place that you don't see water very much. There's only one state in the Southwest that has a coast line, that state is Texas. The Southwest runs on the Gulf of Mexico's water and cleans out all the salt to make it clean water that can be used for drinking. The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a beautiful sight in the Southwest region. It is (18 miles) long and (1 mile) deep. In New Mexico, and Arizona, deserts have rocks 1,000 feet tall that are called buttes. The Colorado River starts at the Rocky Mountains and all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, to be apart of the ocean.

Southwest people

The people in the Southwest region are Hispanics and Native Americans, and Americans. The Spanish and the Native Americans used a sun baked clay that is called adobe to make their homes. They stacked them on top of each other and thousands of people could live in them. The Spanish heritage uses the word pueblo that means village in Spanish. a man in Mexico heard stories about gold in the Southwest region and went to get some gold to take it home and get rich. The Spanish would build more and more things and expand out more. There were more settlements in the Southwest region like the French and they had a war with the Spanish. The Spanish won the war and celebrated and made Cinco De Mayo.
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Southwest Economy

The Southwest economy is partly made up of computer chippies that are made there. There's not much water in the Southwest, there are lots of cotton plant growers in the Southwest. Chili peppers grew in New Mexico most of the time. Sandra National Laboratories in New Mexico produce solar power energy. In the Southwest region the Navajo women herd sheep mainly in Arisonia
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