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Tuesday 3/29 Freshman Fundraiser

Tuesday 3/29 Alumni giving fundraiser

Wednesday 3/30 CRLP Fundraiser

Friday 4/1 Junior Class breakfast

Friday 4/1 Senior Celebration

Wendesday 4/4 Sports Pictures

Wednesay 4/6 Hosa Fundraiser

Friday 4/29 Junior Class Fundraiser

Chocolate Money is past due

Please remember that all chocolate money is due to Mrs. Munoz. We have ended our fundraiser.

MSU Competition was great!

CONGRATULATIONS to SOPHIA who took 3rd place in the MSU Texas Art Academy Art Competition in Computer Graphics!

We are beyond proud of Sophia and her amazing talents! Congratulations again!

Her awesome artwork is attached! Enjoy!

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Congratulations to the Science Fair participants

Austin Energy 2022 Virtual Science Fair!

The Austin Energy Regional Science Festival is one of Texas’ largest regional science fairs with almost 3,000 students from 3rd through 12th grade. It encourages and rewards innovative student research.

This year the following students represented our school in February,

From 6th Grade – Teacher Mr. Milton

Kaylie D, Mohammed I, Izya K, Dania A, Soonae N, Jordan P, Daniel S, and Buthmini D

From 7th Grade – Dr. Kuppala

Karmann T, Micahebensarah S, Amar K, Samuel M-G, Bereket L and Fawaaz P

From 8th Grade – Ms. Fletcher

Sarah K and Casey I

From 10th Grade – Mr. Tuncel

Asawer S, Thao D, Zeynep T, Crystal L, Soraya K, and Zahraa S

From 11th Grade – Ms. Clark

Hanan A and Miraf R

And the Winners are…

Austin Energy Science Fair 2022 Winners!

Karmann T - 7th grade special Navy Award

Micahebensarah S 7th grade - 4th place

Bereket L 7th grade 2nd place - advanced to STATE!

Hanan A - 11th grade 3rd place advanced to STATE!!!!

Miraf R - 11th grade 2nd place advanced to STATE!!!

These students advanced to the virtual Texas Science & Engineering State Fair in March and are eligible to advance to Harmony Science and Engineering Fair in April.

Science Olympiad had a great competition

Congratulations to the HSA-Pf Science Olympiad Teams!

On Saturday, March 5th the HSA-Pf Division C (Grades 10-12) and Division B (Grades 6-9) teams traveled to the Texas A&M Regional Science Olympiad competition in San Antonio.

The Division C team members are: Hanan A, Miraf R, Mandy C, Farhad K, Soraya K, Sejal C, Katelyn P, Oscar C, Eniola O, Timothy V, Jazhiel S-M. Larry N, Delante R, Piniel and Abrar A

For Division C, our winners are:

Science Word – 3rd place Miraf and Katelyn

The Division B team members are: Ahmet K, Tanjot S, Tensae L, Umit Y, Lafia T, Yusuf R, Leobardo S, Marianna R, Sarah K, Silas D, Leeann B, Casey I, Madison S, Bereket L, Kamajaya C, and Prabhav R

For Division B, our winners are:

Bio-Process Lab – 1st place Leobardo and Lafia

Codebusters – 2nd place Casey, Tanjot and Tensae

Crave the Wave – Ahmet and Tensae

Crime Busters – 2nd place Marianna and Bereket

Disease Detectives – 1st place Marianna and Bereket

Dynamic Planet (Hydrology) – 1st place Casey and Sarah

Green Generation (Aquatic, Air & Climate Change) – 1st place Casey and Yusuf

Picture This – 1st place Leeann and Sarah

Road Scholar – 3rd place Tanjot and Leobardo

Storm the Castle – 2nd place Leeann and Marianne

The team was also awarded the Spirit Award for Excellent Sportsmanship.

The team placed 4th in the competition and advances to State Science Olympiad April 23, 2022

Congratulations to all of our competitors for their hard work and detection. Thank you to Mr. Milton for coaching the Division C team and Dr. Kuppala and Ms. Fletcher for coaching the Division B team.

Campus TSI testing

We are now offering on campus TSI testing on Saturdays to students grades 9 through 12.

If you do not already have a passing TSI score, you can sign up with the form below:


Save the Date!

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Attendance Update


If your student is out due to covid 19 like symptoms or exposure it is important to contact the front office or email our attendance clerk Jessica Sanchez at Jessica.sanchez@harmonytx.org. Students who are absent for more then 3 days are required to provide a Dr’s note to excuse the remainder of the absences. If your student is at home awaiting Covid test results, please provide a copy of your scheduled appointment to the attendance clerk. If your student has tested negative but still experiencing symptoms such as fever, the student must stay home for 24 hours and remain fever free without the help of medication. If your student has tested positive for covid 19 please inform our health aide Mary Ordillano at mordillano@harmontyx.org and provide her with the date your student has tested positive and the last time they attended school. Although CDC is recommending 5 days of quarantine, Harmony Public schools is still requiring 10 days of quarantine from the date your student has tested positive. Positive test results must be provided to our attendance clerk to excuse the 10 days. If tested positive, Students may log on to their Schoology and complete assignments remotely and email their teachers using their Harmony email for any additional assignments. If you have any questions, please call the front at 512-251-5000.


Si su estudiante está fuera debido a síntomas o exposición similares a covid 19, es importante que se comunique con la oficina principal o envíe un correo electrónico a nuestra secretaria de asistencia su correo es Jessica.sanchez@harmonytx.org. Los estudiantes que estén ausentes por más de 3 días deben proporcionar una nota del médico para justificar el resto de las ausencias. Si su estudiante está en casa esperando los resultados de la prueba de Covid 19, proporcione una copia de su cita programada al empleado de asistencia. Si su estudiante dio negativo pero aún experimenta síntomas como fiebre, el estudiante debe quedarse en casa durante 24 horas y permanecer sin fiebre sin la ayuda de medicamentos. Si su estudiante dio positivo por covid 19, informe a nuestra asistente de salud su correo es mordillano@harmontyx.org y proporciónele la fecha en que su estudiante dio positivo y la última vez que asistió a la escuela. Aunque los CDC recomiendan 5 días de cuarentena, las escuelas públicas de Harmony aún requieren 10 días de cuarentena a partir de la fecha en que su estudiante dio positivo. Los resultados positivos de las pruebas deben proporcionarse a nuestro empleado de asistencia para excusar los 10 días. Si la prueba da positivo, los estudiantes pueden iniciar sesión en su Schoology y completar las tareas de forma remota y enviar un correo electrónico a sus maestros usando su correo electrónico de Harmony para cualquier tarea adicional. Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame al frente al 512-251-5000.

Covid information and screening

As you are aware, Covid cases are increasing and we are working hard to keep all students and staff safe and healthy. Please ensure you are self-screening your child before sending them to school. Our Campus continues to encourage/recommend wearing masks for teachers, staff, students, and visitors to keep everyone safe.

Please remember that if your student is experiencing a fever and/ or vomiting, your student must be symptom free for 24 hours with no medication, before returning to school.

Students who are experiencing symptoms but are not getting tested will be excused with a parent letter/email for up to 3 days. A doctor's note or Covid test results can be used to excuse the remainder of the days.

If you need a Covid-19 Test you can go to these places:

5801 Ainez Dr. Austin Tx 78744

Tuesday to Saturday 8 am- 2 pm (walk-in site)

7311 Decker Lane Austin Tx 78724

Monday to Friday 8 am -2 pm ( Drive-thru)

Testing is available with or without an appointment. However, scheduling an appointment is recommended to save time on-site and confirm test availability for a given day. Schedule online at http://covid19.austintexas.gov or by calling 3-1-1 or 512-974-2000. As with all APH testing sites, the services are free.

If you have questions about attendance, please reach out to Mrs. Sanchez at Jessica.sanchez@harmonytx.org

For questions about Covid-19 please reach out to Mrs. Ordillano at Mordillano@harmonytx.org

Running Late to School?

Please remember that if your student is late to school, a guardian must come inside and sign them in. We appreciate your help with this.

Tutoring help

Harmony has partnered with this amazing company to provide tutoring help.


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Student Support

Did you know that students and families can request assistance privately through Harmony SAF, or Anonymously report bullying?
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Free Meals for All

Harmony Public Schools is excited to offer free meals to all students for the 2021-22 school year. Today, we wanted to provide you with a few additional details about our free meal program to answer some questions you may have. Please take a look at the attached document for that information.

Thank you,

Estimado Padre / Tutor:

Las Escuelas Públicas de Harmony se complace en ofrecer comidas gratuitas a todos los estudiantes para el año escolar 2021-22. Hoy, queríamos brindarle algunos detalles adicionales sobre nuestro programa de comidas gratis para que responda algunas preguntas que pueda tener. Por favor de ver al documento adjunto para esa informacion.


Letter to the parents English from District 2021-2022.pdf

Letter to the parents Spanish from District 2021-2022.pdf

Drop off and Pick up map

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Important Links

*Monday - Thursday all students must be picked up by 4:30. Students will not be able to stay in the building past that time unless they have a club that releases after 4:00pm.

* Fridays all students must be picked up by 2:30pm. No students will be allowed to stay on campus.

**All students will be asked to leave the building at 4:30pm. The campus is closed at that time and there is no staff available.

*As a closed campus, no students may leave the school during school hours even if they are student drivers.

*Parents must sign in their students at the front office if they are late to school.

*An excuse note must be submitted 3 days after an absence

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Harmony Science Academy - Pflugerville

Aydin Yildrim, Principal


High School

Rahime Tunc, AP


Natasha Barker, AP


Dr. Lisa Wyatt, AP


Middle School

Gulsah Baykara, AP


Janiece Beardslee, AP