ricreazione e mezzo di trasporto

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Many italians use the bus or train as there primary use of transportation but most italians do have at least one car in each household. Cars have become increasingly unpopular as shown in data from 2011 that more bikes were bought than cars. Subway systems run in the cities of Rome, Milan, Naples and Turnin. Italians also use boats as a way of traveling to the coasts of Italy. There are many airports around Italy and they carry people and goods around the country and even the world. Italy has many modern highway systems and have many roads
video on transportation

This is a short video showing Italian transportation


recreation and leisure

The most popular sport in Italy is soccer or football. The teams are broken up by italian cities in which all the players wear there home colors. Bocce ball is also popular in Italy that many families play on outings. Italians find leisure time very important and spend a lot of time doing leisurly activities such as going to the beach, watching movies and going to clubs and dances. A lot of Italians vacation to luxurious places with gorgeous beaches and ornate resorts. Italy is quite a beautiful country.
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Italian monument: Leaning Tower of Pisa

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Tower of Pisa

This iconic landmark was constructed in 1173 and is best known for its odd tilt that gives the illusion that it is about to fall over. The construction mistake happened after a sloppy plan on how to build it caused the tower to sink and tilt.