The basics of a relationship!!!

How to be a be a loverboy (guys point of view)

Top 11 Characteristics of the good boyfriend

1. You are understanding.

2. She is able to trust you completely.

3.You gotta have a sense of humor and know when to be serious.

4. You respect her at all times.

5. You are patient with her and don't loose your temper.

6. You don't try to change her ways.

7. You don't judge her, her friends or her family.

8. You are there whenever she needs you.

9. You know how to communicate with her.

10. You don't brush her off.

11. Don't EVER CHEAT.

Segment 1-Before she becomes your girlfriend

Rule #1 Don't talk to multiple girls.

Rule #2 Don't pull the kindergarten stunt.

Rule #3 Get her attention in the right way.

Rule #4 Get to know her.

Rule #5 Atleast meet her parents once or twice.

Rule #6 Give her space and time.

Rule #7 Don't pressure her into dating you.

Rule #8 Have things in common with her.

Rule #8 Plan a date.

Rule #9 Never be late for a date.

Rule #10 Ask her out in a romantic way.

Segment 2-Keeping her interested.


Step #2 Always show her that she means alot to you.

Step #3 Don't be controlling of the relationship just because your a guy.

Step #4 Be protective but don't be overly protective.

Step #5 get close to the parents as well.

Step #6 Get her a gift or send her something every once in a while.

Step #7 Step out of your comfort zone sometimes surprise her.

Step #8 Make the dates fun and interesting.

Step #9 Don't lie to her.

Step #10 Make the relationship fun.