Russian Invasion of Afghanistan



Russian troops had went into Afghanistan when it was in the midst of a civil war. The issue was that the prime minister wanted to take away Muslim traditions in the country and proceeded to arrest and capture Muslim leaders. These Muslims wanted to overthrow the Amin government and when the Russians had entered they claimed they came to help the Amin government to continue to stand. A few days later they killed Amin and helped the new leader with his battle against the Mujaheddin.

A Cold War Continued

Why was it important in delaying the Cold War?

Events like this one kept happening during the cold war. When one country has a problem within it, other countries try to help and end up getting in the way. Russia wanted to take over Afghanistan in order to spread communism and in doing so, Russia got itself in the middle of a war that had nothing to do with it. Things like this keep the Cold War from ending because places were continuously being invaded.