All about the Job

What is the definition of Psychologist?

As a psychologist one studies mental processes and behavior through observing, interpreting and reporting how people relate to one another and the environment they live in

Why becoming a psychologist?

I would really like to become a psychologist, because the ability to help other people out of their problems or their depression. I think that I have am trustworthy and that many people would think i am reliable to talk to about their problems.

Where do i have to go to school?

There are many different Psychology schools all over the world. It is very important to attend one, because you need a masters degree and a very qualified education in the topic to be able to work as a psychologist. The Zuericher Hochschule fuer angewandte Wissenschaften - Angewandte Psychologie is a good place to start.

Payment and future for psychologists

As a certified Psychologist you can earn about $68.640 a year. Also the branch is expected to increase over the next years at about 22%, that is more than the average growth of other jobs, which is an even bigger reason to get a masters degree in psychology to be able to practice this science successfully.