Don't Fallout Over the Future

Fusion Energy

December 11, 2015

Scientists Discover Secret to Harnessing Fusion Energy

Last week, at the Lab Facilities of Daily Innovations, Dr. Dalton Huston and his team learned the possibilities of the near limitless power source that is nuclear fusion. The process results from an electromagnetic attraction between protons and neutrons, as well as atoms that combine, specifically hydrogen. Atoms of hydrogen combine to become helium. This is the same process that happens in the sun and makes its energy. These reactions occur rapidly, as the process involves kinetic energy and high velocity. A nuclear reactor is not necessary to monitor the process to ensure meltdowns don't occur, however.

Currently, the very idea of a nuclear fusion power plant being put into practical use is unlikely, but is in talks for 2050. Billions of dollars are required to fund such a project, as well, making it a costly endeavor. It can be difficult to restrain, but it is worth the cons. If it were produced, it would provide a clean and limitless source of energy, so long as public fear doesn't get in the way.