Music and Dance during the 1920's

The roain' twenties

The Charleston:

The charleston is considered to be jazz, folk, and swing for dance type.

There are different forms of the charleston such as solo or partner charleston patterns.

The women who danced the charleston were known as flappers.

How To Charleston 1920's style - Lesson 1 (Solo Charleston)

Jazz Music:

Jazz started mainly in the south especially New Orleans was well known for jazz. Until a lot a racism started happening again in the south, and a lot of the jazz players moved further north. Some of the popular places these musicians fled to include Chicago, Kansas City, and New York.

Their style of jazz was also called “New Orleans Jazz” or “New Orleans sound”. even though it wasn’t quite like what they used to play. Its new characteristics include being more uniform and calmer than that of which they played back in Louisiana.

Even in Chicago, there were segregated clubs were blacks went to listen to jazz.

New York city is where Louis Armstrong went to, and while there he created his new genre of jazz improvisation.

In New York during the 1920’s it was seen as the golden age of jazz.

Jazz was very popular in Kansas city with about fifty jazz clubs in a single six-block district.

Jazz music is a type of entertainment which is a big part of the roarin’ twenties.

Louis Armstrong and other musicians:

He mainly played trumpet as well as vocals.

His mentor was Joe “King” Oliver who was also another jazz artist.

When he married his second wife Lil Hardin she had encouraged him to break off from Oliver’s band and to go into more of a solo career.

He was a solo artist as well as also worked with other people.

He created a whole new genre of Jazz improvisation.

Did a collaboration with Earl Hines

Songs that Louis Armstrong and Earl Hines did together were “Chicago Breakdown”, “Symphonic Raps”, and the “Savoyagers Stomp”

Louis Armstrong - Savoy Blues (1927)

How this impacted the 1920's:

During the 1920’s things changed the culture and society included the fact that now that the war was done the people now had more money than that of which they had earlier. This allowed them to do more things than what they could do before the war. Since they now had all this money they used it on things that they wanted, and they also used the money on entertainment for example which relates to music and dance because they would go to clubs and there jazz music might be played, as well as dancing which could then include the charleston. In which the charleston was mostly danced by flappers, if danced by women, which were a new kind of women that were different in a way that they didn't follow societies guidelines for what was seen as proper women. Which was another significant change in the society. The jazz music that was played became very popular which then led to us still playing jazz music today.