Mrs. Pittman's Class Update

December 11, 2015

Busy Week!

We have had such a busy, hectic week! Your students have worked hard this week! We have quite a few activities planned for next week get ready for the fun! We will have Spelling Bee,Immigration Day, Benchmark testing, Winter Parties and a PIE party. All of that will be packed into next week along with dividing fractions,Turn of the Century, Earth Surfaces, and a GMAS practice writing prompt!! It is going to fly by!!

Spelling Bee!

Our class Spelling Bee will be held on Monday Afternoon. We will have a class winner and a runner-up. Both the winner and the runner-up will get an extensive list to study over the holidays so they will be prepared for the school Spelling Bee in January once we return from Winter Break.

Immigration Day Tuesday, December 15th

Finally our much anticipated Immigration Day is almost here. Students have been preparing at school and we have talked about what clothes they need to wear. They will need to dress the part of an immigrant from the country they are immigrating from. Everyone should have an idea of how they are planning to dress, we have discussed it in class. I will send pictures and let you know how it goes! It always proves to be one of the highlights of 5th grade!

PIE Party Friday, December 18th

We have just completed our read aloud book, PIE by Sarah Weeks. {Please check-in with your children about it, they have LOVED it!! I promised them if we finished it before Winter Break, we would celebrate by having a pie party! The character in the book ran a pie shop called PIE. If you are willing to send in a pie, please let me know. I realize we have sent in so many things this week, and I do not want to stress anyone out. I am going to make 2 apple pies, so that is covered, but if you would like to send in any other flavor please let me know. Thanks so much

Winter Party Thursday, December 17th

Our class party is Thursday December 17th. Thank you so much to all the Mom's and Dad's that have planned out this awesome party and to all the families that continue to send in so many items!! I know it will be a wonderful afternoon!

Class Donations for North Gwinnett Co-op

Thank you so much for all the donations so far to the North Gwinnett Co-op. This is something I do with each of my 5th grade classes. I think it is important for children to learn to give back and to understand that "to whom much is given, much is expected." They have been working hard this week to bring in cereal, peanut butter and mac and cheese. I know that means that you have been working hard getting to the store to purchase these items. Again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!