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Asia Cathey, Class Of 2021

My Future

Future Neurologist

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Future Live Saver

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Dr. Benjamin Carson and I!

Dr. Asia Cathey

Hello, I'm about to become a licensed Neurologist. I have all my credentials. I've received my Bachelors and Masters degree in biology and organic chemistry. I've received my undergraduate degree. I have graduated from Medical school, also I have taken the exam.
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My main goal in life is just to achieve all my goals that I have in mind. I will do whatever it takes to achieve those because I want it so badly. I feel like that's why I was put on this planet, peoples life's will be in my hands, critical mistakes may end their life, and I may be faulted, knowing all of this I still want to achieve my goals, I know the risks but I am not afraid to go for it and become successful in life. Their isn't a " Plan B " , because " Plan A ", is going to happen. Thank you for your time.

- Asia Cathey.

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