Lincoln Street Elementary

June 2019

Vice Principal Message

Dear Lincoln Street Families,

It is with mixed emotions that I write this to inform you that I have been offered an opportunity to lead at Reedville Elementary as their principal next school year and am leaving Lincoln Street for this reason. It has a been an honor to serve our community at Lincoln Street for the last four years getting to know your children and all of you working together as one team for their future. In my position, Teresa Vazquez, will be the next assistant principal with her experience and leadership role, I have no hesitation that she will continue our school goals alongside Mrs. Brodniak.

Parent Information

*Parents please remind students to return the weekend backpack if you receive one. We have a box located in the office for students to drop off. This is important because we have other families who use the same backpack the following week. This is how we prevent from using paper bags.

*Pick up-Please contact the office at least 30 minutes before dismissal time to arrange a pick up. Students are use to their daily routine and if they do not receive a pass they will go to their bus or walk home.

*Lunch- If you visit to have lunch with your student, you must report to the office first. You have to sign in our guest computer and wear a visitor pass at all times. You can sit with your student in our round table we have in our cafeteria.

*The office hours are 7:15- 3:15 pm. Parents please take in mind that school doors open at 7:15 am, you can drop off students at this time. Don't forget to remind students that the bell rings at 7:45 am. After this time it's consider a tardy and students need to check in the office.

Lost & Found

Parents please stop by our overflowing lost and found section to pick up your students sweaters or jackets before school is out.

3rd grade Oregon Zoo field trip

Spirit Week: Aloha Day

Attendance Matters!

Attendance is very important for all of our students to succeed every day. Please ensure your child goes to bed early and has plenty of time to get ready in the morning. Our bell rings at 7:45, therefore being on time is am important life skill to establish early on, and being late to school may lead to poor attendance. If a student is late or absent, he or she misses important instruction, let's work together to ensure all of our students are on time and in school every day. Please remember to call our school if your child will be absent and try to schedule appointments after school if possible.The following is an excused absence: student illness, bereavement, serious illness in the family, religious instruction, inclement weather, family emergencies, legal or court appointments requiring the student's attendance. Start building this healthy habit of going to school on time and be in school every day for your child to do well in school and in their future in high school, college, and work.

Register your student for Kindergarten

Kinder registration starts now! Please pick up your enrollment packet in our office. If you have any questions about enrollment or requirements, please call our office at (503) 844-1160.

Pawsitive Prize Winners

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Concert & Curriculum Night K-2nd Grade

Kickball day for K-2nd grade

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Lincoln Street Elementary Has Talent!

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Spirit Assembly

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*****************Upcoming Events***************************

Last Day for Violin Club

Thursday June 6th

2:05-4:00 pm

Last Day for 6th grade band

Thursday June 6th

2:05-4:00 pm

Kinder Promotion

Friday June 14th

8:30 am- 9:30 am

6th Grade Promotion

Friday June 14th

10:30-11:30 am

Last Day of School for Students

Friday June 14th

School ends at 2:05 pm