Top 12 List

Sean Cavanagh

Spelling and Grammar

Always use good grammar and correct spelling.

You Attitude

Business messages should be about the reader and not the writer. Talk about the other person and use the word "you" and "your" in your message.


You do not have the opportunity to use body language while communicating over the Internet, and people may miss-interpret your message if you do not write with good tone.

Be Respectful

Respond to other people's messages promptly, and if they ask for a return acknowledgement or receipt of an email, give it to them!

Keep File Sizes Small

If you know your file size is large, be sure to convert the file to a PDF format prior to attaching the file.

Internet Messages are Permanent

Be careful what you write! Sometimes it is best to keep thoughts to yourself because the Internet is a permanent record of what you send.

Double Check Email Address

With email programs, it is easy to send a message to the wrong email address.

Use Good Tone

Good tone is critical with electronic writing. The wrong words can leave a bad impression and upset the reader.

Write Concisely

Get to the point. Follow the concept of concise writing and do not ramble on with unnecessary words.

Be Professional at All Times

Avoid getting into arguments in chat rooms, online classrooms, or with emails. This happens often and is a result of the ease of sending a message while upset, and out of spite or revenge.

Keep personal info personal

Be cautious about how much personal information you provide on social networking sites.

Know what action to take

If someone is harassing or threatening you, remove them from your friends list, block them, and report them to the site administrator.