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A Letter From Dr. Carey

September 24, 2021

A Letter From Dr. Carey September 24, 2021

A Letter From Dr. Carey September 24, 2021

Dear Enumclaw School District Community,

Acts of Kindness

Shortly after my arrival to Enumclaw, I had a community member come to visit with me at least once per month. The purpose of her visits was to allow me to learn about her and her family history connected to this community. In turn, she was eager to learn more about me and how I wanted to build connections within her community. An added bonus of each meeting was a gift from her, usually in the form of baked goods, meant to share her kindness with my family and expand my waistline.

I share this story because I think each of us would benefit from this kind of gift, the gift of genuine and selfless kindness. Setting aside those things that weigh heavy on each of us during this time, and focusing on doing something kind for someone else. This isn’t easy to do when you are stretched beyond your limits, when things in your life demand your time and attention and leave you little space for anything (or anyone) else.

The result of these “visits” was that both of us were able to find joy in the moment. There was a purposeful “pause” in the reality of things going on in both of our lives, and an opportunity to share in a moment of kind conversation, thoughtfulness, and connection with someone, whether they knew it or not, I needed that interaction.

These are challenging times that we are forging through. Made more challenging by the lack of meaningful connections that we are making with each other. Here’s to you creating an opportunity like this one, for you and someone else in need!

Welcome Cynthia Smith! Kitchen Assistant at Enumclaw Middle School

This work is the perfect fit for me! I have always worked in the food industry, I previously worked in a school kitchen in Issaquah. I have also worked as a hairdresser for the past forty years and recently traded in my business to return to the school kitchen because I love it!!! I love children, I have five grandchildren of my own and I wanted to return to making meals for students. I don't normally cook at home but I really enjoy making meals for students and giving back to the community! - Cynthia
"It is important to have cultural projects inside of schools, it is a great way to expand our knowledge and educate about culture. These colors represent us and who we are. We want it to feel welcoming for new students entering our building. I have been involved in other diversity clubs and being involved made me feel included and it is fun!! I want to do something meaningful my senior year, I want to help others and promote diversity in our schools. My hope is to start traditions within our club that celebrate students!" - Evelyn Rodriguez - EHS Senior

Voluntary COVID Testing Opportunities

The Voluntary PCR COVID Testing Program Has Returned for All Enumclaw School District Staff

In collaboration with the state Department of Health, our school district will continue to participate in a state-funded program for voluntary COVID-19 screening and testing that will help contain the virus, protect our communities, and keep students and teachers healthy and safe.

This testing protocol fits into our larger strategy to contain and control the virus. We have adapted our operational practices to allow for proper countermeasures. Each precaution we take is an added layer of protection, and when used together, dramatically decreases the risk.

Testing Opportunities for Students and Families

The King County COVID testing site located next to EMS will remain open and will continue to provide access to PCR COVID testing for students and the community. For additional information on the testing site or to make an appointment please visit the link below.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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