International Justice

Project-Based Learning

What is PBL?

Read this article to find out about what PBL is. In a Google Doc, answer this question: What is PBL, and what are the 6 components that a PBL includes? Share your document with with for a daily grade in English. Title the document "What is a PBL?"

Driving Question

How can we support efforts to bring justice to people in developing countries or in our own country? Answer and project should include local solutions within the community experiencing the problem, prayer during the Mass April 21, and a practical solution to support the country in our daily lives here in Longview.
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Significant Content

  • Math : Conduct research about population growth, economic climate, etc, and include relevant graph(s) and correct interpretations of the graph(s) in your final presentations.
  • Science: Research diseases in the country as well as any other barriers to the physical wellness of the country's inhabitants.
  • History: Research the country's pervasive social justice issues, including the issues' origins, progression over time, and current status by comparison.
  • English: Make connections between the country's culture and the social justice issues it faces. You'll also learn how to make MLA-style citations for the sources you use: Click here and here for help making a Works Cited Page.
  • Theology: Propose an intercessory prayer that can be read at Mass and another Church-based awareness-raising action to help support the Church's efforts in that country, right here in our own school.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the final product supposed to look like? The final product you present will be a Prezi, Smore, or Power Point Presentation that teaches your classmates about the social justice issue you researched, a video that is related to your chosen issue, at least one graph that represents the problem, what diseases are related to it, how it is related to the country's culture, and what the Church can do to help solve the problem. You'll also need to be prepared to answer questions as part of your presentation.
  • How long should my presentation be? Your presentation should be seven to ten minutes in length, with the video being no longer than three of those minutes.
  • We work in a group but present individually. How will I be graded? As each teacher introduces the subject matter and method to you, she will grade your responses and progress. Your final presentation will be graded on how well you communicate, how creative you are, how well you answer questions, and fulfilling all the requirements.
  • This seems like a lot of work. How long do I have to do this? This will be all you work on in the afternoons after doing IOWA testing in the morning the week of April 13-16. Presentations will be that Friday or the following Monday.
  • How can I get started? Mrs. Leatherman has provided some Mary Knoll booklets, which are a good place to start. Catholic Relief Services, the Red Cross, and Unicef, all of which work to bring solutions to the world's problems, would also be great places to start your research.