Come to Darién

an Awesome City

What´s the city like?

it is small city, is localed on the south-east of Colombia.

it is a beautiful city, is a turis city and populated for its lake .
And is the small town and cold.

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There is a lake.

it´s called "Lago Calima".It is 15 minutes away from the town.

There is river . the part of river is called "Salto del Loco" and is very high.

there is a beautiful landscape. its mountains are majestic and are covered for the fog.


Holy Week; This is a good week when residents of Darién celebrate holy week in the town.
It takes place on 30th of March.

Summer Party; This is a popular day when all women beautiful go to lake and enjoy the party.

It takes place on 1st of August.

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Important Person

Alcalde Municipal:
Carlos Alberto Téllez Delgado.
This is the correct person to make decisions about the town.

Doña Janeth:
Janeth Palacios this is the person to make decisions about travel to the town.


Center turist el Porvenir.
this place where you can swim,sleep in cabin and walk around the lake but you can´t swim in the lake at the night.

You have to pay by credit or advance.

You don´t have to use a floats.

Location Hotel.

Main Squaere: the park of Darién.

Destiny: Hotel Porvenir.

First, Go straight to the left, walk along four blocks.

second, Turn right and go straight two blocks.

Finally, the hotel It's on the right.

enter to the hotel.