ladybug larva

1. Ladybug larva look ugly with hair.
2. Ladybug larva look like little caterpillars.
3. The larva only have 3 legs when they are babes.
4. Ladybug larva are black and with yellow stripes.
5. Larva look nothing like the adults.

ladybug body parts

Parts of a ladybug
There are 3 parts to a ladybug. They are...
head, thorax and abdomen.
The 1 part of the ladybug is the head. The head has two antennae and two compound eyes.
The 2 part of the ladybug is the thorax. The thorax has 6 legs.
The 3 part of a ladybug is the abdomen. The abdomen has the wings and the organs.

Ladybug lifecycle

Life cycle of the ladybug
1. first it starts as an egg.
2. 5 days later the egg turns into a grub.
3. one week later the grub turns into a Pupa.
4. 1 or two weeks later the pupa barks open and out comes a grownup ladybugs.

Interesting facts

1. ladybugs play dead when threatened.
2. ladybugs are not bugs there beetles.
3. the size of a ladybug is 0.3 to 0.4 in (8 to 10 mm)
4. ladybugs can live to be 20 years old.
5. ladybug's are carnivores.

Different species

1. their are more then 4,000 different kinds of ladybugs.
2. only two kinds of species are polonaises .
3. almost all the ladybugs are not polonaises.
4. you can tell if they are different or not.
5. they do not have the same patterns.