Science minutes


Moving forward - MHA and ELW

  • MHA to plan and manage BTEC completion by xmas deadline.
  • MHA to manage AAS and plan through until next year.
  • ELW to plan and manage assessment including SIMS spreadsheets and ALFIE.
  • ELW to plan sixth form open evening.
  • Any issues or questions, email us both and we'll assist!


  • There will be a tracking spreadsheet on sims.
  • Terms one and two will be summative assessments that are just ALFIE grades.
  • From term three you will need to input a skills test, a formative assessment piece, (like a badger task) and a summative ALFIE grade.
  • There is a calendar now which has on it all the details of the book looks, which will take place after the holidays.
  • Two weeks after each book look you will have a data point where info needs to go on SIMS.


  • Year eleven grade boundaries will operate on the idea that A* is 80%, A is 70% and so on.
  • SIMS integration is being sorted with ALFIEsoft and ELA is sorting out individual student log ins.
  • Some students have missing results because they did not press the save and submit button on the test, please ensure this is done or re-enter the test for them and press the button!
  • We have agreed that tests should be made without the timer on them so going forward the time function should not be set.


  • If the button for activate isn't on the system when you log in, contact Mel because she needs to tick a box!
  • Learning sequence plans need to be used in tandem with the kerboodle website so as to ensure lessons are fully resourced and ready to go.
  • ELW to make a copy of the teachers book.
  • Student books will be made accessible so homeworks can be set.
  • MHA to contact kerboodle re the full teacher website and where the lesson plans are.
  • Please ensure you check what you are ordering when you sort your lessons, so that we are not asking the techies to duplicate/order things you don't need.
  • SIMS to be updated with kerboodle assessment names by PW.
  • MDS to forward all the assessment titles to PW.

Sixth form open evening:

  • HB to contact Ross Purcell to cancel the Academy.
  • Use of dry ice on the 28th so as to use it up!


  • Completed spreadsheet needs to be on the system by Friday 21st so that MHA can discuss with teachers individual action plans.
  • 1st December to be used as BTEC catch-up day - MHA has emailed CB to check with maths that this is ok.
  • Moderation meetings and deadlines on the assessment plan - MHA to forward to everyone.
  • Pass on students not attending catch up to MHA to ensure that they are being contacted about their attendance to science Wed and also other nights of the week which have been made available.
  • MHA to check PL course work
  • Summative and formative assessments to be on each piece of assessment in prep for moderation.

Sue and techies

  • Collection for bottle of brandy with ELW.
  • Ensure that you are not ordering things you don't need to alleviate the techies.
  • Paul away on 26th November - please keep this in mind.

Ignite day 10th December - year seven

  • Space theme
  • Space dome coming along
  • Mission to Mars
  • Aliens and pants (?)
  • Listen to song and guess the planets game
  • Making rockets

All these things are on the agenda for the day - KW to sort out members of staff to organise / prep for the day.