Cyberbullying and Bystanders

By: Nick Spangler

10 Facts

1. More than 80% of teens regularly use cell phones, making them the most popular form of technology and therefore a common medium for cyber bullying.
2. 81% of young people think bullying online is easier than bullying in person.
3. Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online. 1 and 4 kids are bullied more than once.
4. 66% of teens that have witnessed online bullying have also witnessed other people join in.
5. 90% of teens who have witnessed online bullying ignore the mean comments.
6. Only 7% of parents are worried about cyber bullying, but 33% of teenagers have been victims of cyber bullying at some point and time.
7. 160,000 kids miss school every day for fear of being bullied.
8. When bullied: 45% fought back, 31% kept quiet, 15% reported it, and 6% ran away.
9. Only 1 in 10 teens tell their parents when cyber bullying occurs.
10. Over half of teens have been bullied online, More than half of the kids that were bullied have bullied others online.

Report your situation

Its easy to let people know what is happening, you can tell an adult, tell a teacher, tell a friend, block the bully, get off of social media, or you can block the bully. There is nothing a school can do about cyber bullying but let the other student know. It happens out of school so they cant do anything.

Alex Boston

Alex Boston was a teen girl that lived in the Georgia area that was cyber bullied and fought back. Alex sued due to the bullying on Facebook. Two of her classmates created a fake account for her. The account was used to post racist videos to YouTube that said Alex hated African-Americans, and also posted mean things on her page about her friends, also suggesting she was sexually active and smoked marijuana. The case made new cyber bullying laws to be passed in states across the nation.